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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Arsenal back to top step Liga English Prim

Thank Arsenal back to top step Liga English Primeir eirearly yesterday morning, fruits of victory 3-0 up Newcastle - second victory up Magpies within four day.

Emmanuel Adebayor, Mathieu Flamini and Francesc Fabregas contribute network make Arsenal, defeat Newcastle 3-0 Saturday go to action Fa Cup 4th rotation. The success witness Arsenal currently collecting 57 eye, three overcome Manchester United.

United however afford back to confiscate top position if victorious over Portsmouth, early this morning.

"Us as, it good victory and we see their what will be doing tomorrow," said manager Arsenal, Arsene Wenger. "Still too long to dependent to one result. What crucial for we is stay to equivalent position with United and Chelsea near April, being we must consistent and won every match."

Other action decision yesterday is Bolton draws 0-0 with Fulham, Middlesbrough transcends Wigan 1-0 and Sunderland wins 2-0 up Birmingham.

Early morning other match before this was Chelsea rebels Reading, Derby County rendezvous Manchester City, opposed West Ham Liverpool and Everton entertain Tottenham Hotspur.

Adebayor butts enter advance goal Arsenal to 40th minute after completing cross lure Flamini. It is 16th goal it in the league this season.

Monday, January 28, 2008

how the arsenal can win with newcastle....

Today i bring to you all how the arsenal can win with newcastle.... so far the heroes is a Adebayor... he became a remote control for give fully comitment to get a goal. So far he like a new born of Andy Cole & Anelka.

you all se it... 2 gol from Adebayor & 1 its a own goal by nicky but...

Sorry newcastle........he he he

It a Brilliant brilliant goal from Rooney

Wow...Amazing.. thats a magical goal in the FA Cup, by Wayne Rooney.. Im not a big fan of Rooney but that was absolutely amazing! It a Brilliant brilliant goal. Couldn't be made better! You all can see how he use the brain for get the goal.... rooney is world class... hes one of a kind and one of the best players in the world after the Michiene Goal Mr Cristiano ronaldo....

if you all dont like what i talk.. you all can see by it self how he make the amazing goal....

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weldone....Arsenal and Liverpool

Wow...Arsenal and Liverpool fulfill forecast forward to fifth round fa cup rival after record victory to on opponent respectively yesterday.

Arsenal as anticipated no face problem tame Newcastle 3-0 while Liverpool wins large 5-2 to on dwarf team, Havant & Waterlooville.

Fall forward to fifth round is Middlesbrough who beat Mansfield 2-0 and Portsmouth record slim victory to on club Division Two, Plymouth.

To action in the fourth round Stadium Emirates yesterday, two goals through Emmanuel Adebayor and Nicky Butt's own goal dispel new coach dream Newcastle, Kevin Keegan to record this season first win.

Adebayor scores The Gunners's two goals respectively to 51st minute and 83 before Butt doing wrong with own goal to pass game.

In Stadium Anfield, Liverpool those who were previously am being squeezed various controversy back fierce go through landslide up Havant and Waterlooville, simultaneously give relief to his operator, Rafael Benitez.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Goal Michine....

So far today i'm very happy what i see in the world about football.... from manchester go to real madrid and fly to africa abaout African Cup... so far footbal @ soccer still the famouse game in the world.

At FA England the MU still Go & Go with a most popular actor by the The Goal Michine Cristiano Ronaldo for already stay at first class action in world soccer mania in the world.

dont believe you all can see this...

You see this...that why i call him a The Goal Michine....

Ok for another team like real madrid i will post letter...

hope you all enjot it at my blog....

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Nigeria must win

ELMINA - Favourite team dead life, Nigeria in the campaign Afrika Cup would be determined today when design face Mali in the second match Kumpulan B in Sekondi.

Defeated Nigeria 0-1 to Ivoirian in the opening match would be removed early if design defeated to Mali.

Like that, Nigeria's coach, Berti Vogts still confident with the ability his subordinate and not overly concerned on the position Nigeria.

"My player has shown spirit team good and me know design will do all that able to qualify person," said Vogts used to carry German seals the title Europe to 1996.

Coach from Germany that believe his team not yet show real power design in the campaign this time.

Yet, Mali's reputation cannot be minimized and the team have best core work steer Seydou Keita and Mahamadou Diarra.

Mali wins 1-0 up Benin last Monday, yet his captain, Keita his team's optimist afford to go far.

"Team spirit inside the team this overpowering and deep Piala Negara-Negara Afrika, this spirit make main key," he said.

Meanwhile, Ivoirian also still humble when fall face Benin's team make second appearance in this championship.

"It is not easy match," said captain Ivoirian, Didier Drogba.

- Reuters.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dunga participate under player 23

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazilian – AC Milan's mediator, Alexandre Pato and nine under team player 23 year select yesterday by coach Dunga to confront opposed friendship football match Irish on 6th of February this in Dublin.

Renan's goalkeeper, bastion, Rafinha; Breno; Marcelo And Hernanes; mediator partner Anderson, Lucas and Thiago Neves and Rafael Sobis's striker will join earlier Pato this month emerge deep inaugural Liga Italinya.

Said Dunga, he aspires test several deep newcomer Sukan Olimpik Beijing's preparation to face, this August.

“It important supply that player bail deep experience national team,” said deep Gabungan Bola Sepak Brazil any statement.

“Have many tournaments waiting we so we can monitor player which may select to Beijing,” he said.

Player line-up including Renan, Julio Cesar (goalkeeper); Rafinha, Maicon, Marcelo, Lucio, Luisao, Breno, Alex, Gilberto Silva, Hernanes, Josue (defence); Richarlyson, Lucas, Anderson, Thiago Neves, Kaka, Julio Baptista, Alexandre Pato, Robinho (central); Luis Fabiano, Rafael Sobis (striker).


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Permanent Real rhythm

MADRID - Two network to first act go through Raul Gonzalez and Ruud van Nistelrooy succeed help Liga Sepanyol's predecessor, Real Madrid pencils victory 2-0 to on neighbour local, Atletico Madrid yesterday.

The Spanish giants club currently collecting 50 eye from 20 match and back lead with seven points to on his challenger, Barcelona who beat Racing Santander 1-0.

“It not great decision, but we should have done what should. We have to endured throughout game and finally we achieving wins,” admit coach Real, Bernd Schuster.

“What makes me happy is we accomplish every opportunity we, unlike when we defeated 0-1 to Real Mallorca (Spanish King Cup) Wednesday go.

“We successful score two goals to first act. It is not it fate. In the second chapter, design no chance score goal and we also almost get third goal.”

Praise also should be accorded to the goalie Real, successful Iker Casillas control his hurdle from escaped deep six successive league match.

Meanwhile, network Thierry Henry to 31st minute succeed save Barca's dignity from tie Racing yesterday.

Network that originate errors than Racing's defence player, Cesar Navas failed to issue revenue ball Deco's corner kick before Henry bursts his sixth goal this season, simultaneously give three valuable points make Barca.

Argentina's winger, Lionel Messi reduce first time makes since recover from injury.

Yet, the nimble player entry in the second chapter still failed adding network make Barcelona. – AFP

Ferguson deny make pornographic signal

LONDON – Alex Ferguson face an inquiry by Persatuan Bola Sepak England (FA) after a telerecording show him doing two pornographic signal during a meeting with Reading to action Liga England's Prime, Saturday go.

Manchester United's manager that accused to have done pornographic signal after Wayne Rooney scores first goal who witnessed United wins 2-0 in Stadium Madej- ski.

Ferguson is also seen doing porn signal to assistant coach Reading, Wally Downes sele- pace network Cristiano Ronaldo in injury time.

Ferguson however deny stated claim while stress, he only intending merai- will his success of the team.

“What I doing is reflect my clear sense on victory I believe among knottiest match this season.

“Always Reading hinder we,” he said in Riyadh wherein United will act friendship in the match fight against club Saudi Arabia, Al-Hilal.

The confrontation then end when Ferguson shake hands with Downes after whistle end blow and design also drink with manager Reading, Steve Cop- pell.

Meanwhile, Ferguson memper- endurable visit United to Middle East country stated not merely profit reason.

The match ticket reported have been sold out and United reported accept one million profit of about lb (RM6.4 million).

United will return to England this Thursday and Ferguson denies the visit would affect their opportunity opposed fa cup in the campaign Tottenham Hotspur, next Sunday.

“I do not this visit sense would affect we.

“It will give good to players on vacation, play and practice in national hot weather,” said Ferguson. – Agency
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