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Monday, June 29, 2009

MU offer 47 millions euro for David Villa

LONDON - Manchaster United effort to carry Spanish striker, David Villa (picture) to Old Traffrod still continuing.

Latest, the Red Devils's squad had provided fund as much as 47 millions euro to buy Valencia club's sensational striker the.

United also hoped so that the new offer will make Valencia door open they to release Villa to Old Traf- Ford. 

Previously, Villa reported ready to sell Villa to Real Madrid or Barcelona but cancel the desire in last minute following still need the player service.

Now, United advances with new offer and hope so that Valencia shifts their decision, instantly paving the way fos discussion.

"What be problems was one myself player because he impossible compatible react in other league but in Sepa- nyol," clear source in club Valencia.

Apart from Villa, United Cristiano Ronaldo's loss of service and Carlos Tevez this season also currently canvassing for Lyon striker, Karim Benzema. 

However, yet United still found dead end after Benzema say will his stance to remain in Lyon to ensure his position is inside World Cup squad French.

Also be interesting United in this transfer season was Barcelona striker, Samuel Eto'o; Bayern Munich mastermind, Franck Ribery; Wigan Athletic winger, Antonio Valencia joins Valencia attacker, David Silva. - Agency

Spanish frustration finally cured

South African player celebrate Mphela equalization goals in action
against Spanish yesterday.

RUSTENBURG, South Africa - Spanish frustration cured.

Success finish competition in third place in football championship Konfederasi Cup 2009 at least provide relief after loses in struggling to final match to United States, last Thursday.

In determination action for third place and fourth yesterday, Spanish win 3 2 on South Africa host.

Like that, they do not given easy passage by the Africa giant because forced to struggle until to extra time.

At the beginning rival, South Africa like already prepared to fete victory but opening goal scored by Katlego Mphela in 73rd minute effaced by Daniel Guiza score minute equalization goals 87th.

One minute after that, Spanish also in front of when lead 2 1, also through Guiza network.

Two the fast network continue to switch off South Africa move which regards their mission already ended.

However, otherwise occur. when game enter injury minute, Mphela equalized through free kick failed to parry by Spanish goalkeeper, Casillas.

With the equalization goals, beautiful which protracted into extra time used.

In 18th minute the extra time, Spanish get free kick and it perfected nicely by Xabi Alonso to gave victory 3 2 to his team.

Action both teams in that match quite balanced.

Respectively own opportunity to slip off self but viscous defence line to deny every attempt.

Although failed at ending campaign in third but South African place already proved that they now already prepared to stage World Cup next year.

Apart from owning every facility sophisticated, their national squad's training also seen great as displayed Konfederasi Cup's length this.

- Agensi. 

Monday, June 22, 2009

World champion fall Lippi action?

PRETORIA - Italy Coach, Marcello Lippi (picture) explain that he did not desire to change any on his planning approaching World Cup 2010.

The Lippi's stance being voiced after his niece is failed to Konfederasi Cup's semifinal 2009 early yesterday morning.

Defeat 0 3 to Brazil in the Group B's final action put Italy in third grade by three eye, only differentiated with goals total by United States create shock defeat Egypt 3 0

However, Lippi fixed considers him have made right player selection and no regrets with his action less giving opportunity to young player in the team.

"Why no young player? You do not can put seven or eight young player in time singles. You need to integrate they to change team by slow.

"Barisan best I be able to choose are those be on top this night field (early yesterday morning)," he said.

Italy reduce oldest line in championship this time with his player average age is 28 years.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Villa - David Villaill not be sold
Madrid - Be provided which team interested in getting Spanish services of attacker, David Villa, they should quick to forget that intention.

This is because, Valencia will not sell the striker of its even if he reported will join richest club in the world, Real Madrid.

According Spanish media report, Valencia refusal sell Villa causes Real forced distract attention to seek new striker. 

Currently, found double name bandied about has striking Real namely Lyon striker, Karim Benzema and Diego Forlan from Atletico Madrid.

Earlier, Real reported ready to pay 50 millions euro (RM245 million) to Valencia gives get Villa service who is also championship top scorer Europe (Euro) 2008.

Real president, Florentino Perez also be said already moved towards compromise with Valencia management to tie Villa.

However, Valencia new president, Manuel Llorente confirms that Villa will not be sold. 

"Who (Villa) is best strikers in Europe and we want he remains with team," said Llorente.

Even if pointed out Villa will not be sold, Llorente fixed do not reject its possibility that party will relinquish his striker 27 years old the if get handsome offer.

Yesterday, Villa openly reveal that he in fact desire dress Real jersey in next season rival. 

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Torres wants same Villa

LONDON - Liverpool sensational striker, Fernando Torres keens to connect with his compatriot, David Villa in Anfield.

Torres and Villa successfully created extraordinary compatibility in Spanish national squad and be main pillar to the success of the nation emerge champion in Kejuaraan Europe (Euro) 2008.

According Torres, if he authorised to determine transfer in squad The Reds, then first player which will dibawanya to Anfield was Villa.

" I which determines but our manager, Rafael Benitez will be doing purchase. 

"However, to carry David (Villa) to Anfield not something impossible. We often play together in national team personally, I easy connected together with him.

"I also uncertain is we best strikers coupling in the world currently but we is Europe champion and it already enough to prove greatness both of us," clear Torres to Daily Star agency.

Meanwhile, Villa tells his close friend that he only would leave Spanish if associated with Liverpool.

However, Liverpool may be not able to compete with Barca bidding £37 million (RM214 million) and also Real which offers £35 million (RM202.3 million) .

Spanish prove they favourite team

BLOEMFONTEIN, South Africa - Spanish prove that they in fact between favourite team to won Konfederasi Cup's campaign 2009.

After immersed New Zealand 5 0 in opening action Group A last Monday, Spanish continue to maintain victory rhythm.

Yesterday, Iraq be Vicente operating squad's latest victim Del the Bosque.

Like that, Spanish participate as Europe champion no given easy passage by Iraq when just create slim victory 1 0. 

In action in the Stadium Vodacom, Spanish line his main pillar like past opening match.

Liverpool sensational striker, Fernando Torres again given responsibility leading Spanish attack machine with David Villa.

Even if both the Spanish ampuh coupling put together, however a few their attempt in failed first act produce any goal.

Connected second act see Spanish continue to double crowd to Iraq stronghold to hunt goal.

As a result, Villa that does not handled Iraq defence successfully toss enter Spanish winning goal in 55th minute after finish Joan Capdevila pass. 

It is Villa's personal second goal in campaign this time after he also contribute a goal when against New Zealand.

With that victory, Spanish emerge eligible first team to semifinals stage after excel Group A by six eye. - Agency

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ronaldo 'Salary King'

Madrid - Cristiano Ronaldo would become highest salary recipient by payment 13 millions euro (RM63.7 million) a year, almost transfer from Manchaster United to Real Madrid completes, report Marca's press yesterday.

The World-class player also already design football history with would become world most expensive players after United consents menjualnya to Real through record 94 millions euro (RM451.5 million). 

According Marca, Ronaldo's agreement future make he 'Salary King' new, overcome Zlatan Ibrahimovic's record getting paid 12 millions euro (RM58.7 million) from Italy club, Inter Milan.

Payment derivative young star 24 years old the in Old Trafford currently is 7.5 millions euro (RM36.8 million) a year.

In Real, his net salary (after being rejected tax) reported as much as 9 millions euro (RM44 million), vastly higher than those are enjoyed by striker veteran, Raul - 6 millions euro (RM29.3 million).

According Ernst's financial adviser and Young, football players in Spain enjoy special tax, where they only

Meanwhile Real's chief, Florentino Perez tells Publico's daily that money is spent to buy Ronaldo and Brazil star, Kaka from AC Milan was one 'investment' would be bearing great profit.

Clear Perez, the Spanish football giant expected to enjoy profit until 400 millions euro (RM1.96 billion) with own both player in squad.

Portugal bank, Espirito Santo between earliest corporate company show response with Ronaldo's entry in Real when buying foolscap advertisement in Marca, which showed the player smile while carrying handbag. Under his picture also stated evidence "Herein my money kept". - AFP

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hatrik Torres boosts Spanish

RUSTENBURG, South Africa - Liverpool's striker, Fernando Torres say
will nothing which wanted dibuktikannya after burst hatrik when
Spanish thrashing New Zealand 5 0 in Konfederasi Cup's rival 2009
early yesterday morning.

Torres stocks that hatrik only after 17 minutes match take place,
instantly broadening record without lose Spanish to 33 perlawa which.

Two more Spanish goal scored Cesc Fabregas in first half end and David
Villa in early second act.

"I have not have stated this as fast as hatrik and it a attractive
success with national squad.

"I settle promise to teammate. But I memperolehnya their result of
hard work on my back.

"I not my sense need to prove a a. I am confident no one even behave
such. All of us act in highest level," he said which now already
scored 22 goals with Spanish.

With host, South Africa just draw without network by Iraq, Spanish now
lead Group A by three eye.

Spanish will meet Iraq tomorrow night, while New Zealand need to
restore their dignity when face host, South Africa on the same day.

Two top team every group will be eligible to semifinal. - AFP

BRAZIL panic a moment before win 4-3 on Egypt

BRAZIL panic a moment before win 4 3 on Egypt in football championship
Konfederasi's Cup in Bloemfontein, South Africa yesterday.

That match is expected easy for giant the world football but on the
other hand which occurred when Egypt participate strong to giving

Almost match started, Brazil only take five minutes to establish
network through Kaka, however the joy of they only a while when Egypt
making shock equalized then three minutes through Mohamed's network

That goal like kill off Brazil move have to take careful step of
continued to be punished by their dwarf opponent the.

Crowd further doubled and his result is Brazil successfully added two
more network, masing masing through Luis Fabiano's headbutt in 11th
minute and Juan (37th minute) to enable they lead 2 1 in first half.

Like that, atmosphere kind of change in second act.

Egypt stepped forward with speedier action while Brazil also seen
continue to be careful.

Egypt effort that does not fed up push the Dunga's guidance squad
fruitful in 53rd minute through Mohamed Shawk to make position 2 3.

One minute after that, Brazil captured again. Egypt equalized 3 3
through wise Zidan grab opportunity to deceive opposition's

Missed double, and successful double equalized clear increase
continuous Egypt spirit attend pressure to the opponent of they.

Brazil increasingly nervous and their effort to seek out winning goal
continued to be elevated.

As said saying, 'chicken ' fortune shows at foot, who man ' fortune
know' and that is which occurred to Brazil before confirmed absolute
victory in that match.

Penalty kick they got in 88th minute presented they three full points.

Kaka completes nicely that kick to enable Brazil finish competition
with victory 4 3 Egypt believe as fate victory.

Price Ribery now £90 million

LONDON - Bayern Munich tells Alex Ferguson that he needs to splurge in case want bring Franck Ribery to Old Trafford.

The German giants club place price £90 million (RM520 million) on Ribery, namely future player fill Cristiano Ronaldo's place in Manchaster United.

"We only will discuss about certain things only and the even if they willing to offer 'gila'," said Bayern's general manager, Uli Hoeness. 

If offer was agreed, Ribery future recording history as world most expensive players, overcome transfer record have agreed United and Real on Ronaldo valued £80 million (RM462 million).

United's manager, Ferguson previously reported very interested in the French star and he was said future bidding on Ribery after get offer £80 million (RM462 million) for Ronaldo.

However, the United's effort seen a bit hard when Real also produce interest on Ribery which represented Alain Migliaccio, namely agent container Real's legend, Zinedine Zidane. 

The French legendary star now become adviser to Real's President, Florentino Perez and are said to be in Munich this week.

"Ribery are among well off star player in president list and he were players would be hunted after Kaka and Cristiano," clear Maglu- accio. - Agency

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ferguson can spend large hunt desire star

LONDON - Manchaster United's manager, Alex Ferguson now already could
spend mass.

Transfer tax income his star, Cristiano Ronaldo amounted £80 million
enable Ferguson buys player he want.

For a start, Ferguson prepares get Wigan Athletic winger's service,
Antonio Valencia.

Ferguson reported already agrees to buy Ecuadorian cosmopolitan player
23 years old the with price £17 million (RM98.7 million) besides
offering five-year contract and salary £70,000 (RM406,250) one week.

Valencia has diintai Ferguson since he begin to join Wigan in 2006.

Ferguson also be said will buy two again distinguished player
including making latest bidaan on his loan striker, Carlos Tevez.

One more United target's player is Lyon's striker, Karim Benzema his
price environment £25 million (RM145.1 million).

Franck Ribery also was in Ferguson's list but the Bayern Munich's
mastermind alleged will following in the footsteps Ronaldo and Kaka to
join Real.

Earlier, Ferguson middle get 'green light' from Glazer's family,
United's owner to spend that money to get new player.

"Decision this is predicated Ronaldo's reaction so wish to be moving
and team manager did agree with the desire of its.

"Glazer's family as all along club owner support manager action since
they be here," said Glazer's family spokesman. - Agency

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