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Friday, October 31, 2008

Ronaldo's integrity to be challenge

Ferguson already said something to Ronaldo

MANCHESTER - Manchester United's manager, challenging Alex Ferguson Cristiano Ronaldo so repeat customary outward appearance to last season with score more 40 goal to this season campaign.

Yesterday, Portugal's star that continue his touch with score two goals to help United floors West Ham to action Liga England's Prime in Old Trafford yesterday.

He scores 42 goal last season, simultaneously enthroned as Liga's top scorer Prime and Ferguson looks has no reason why he unable repeat it in this year.

"Ronaldo will regain his rhythm," clear Ferguson.

"He misses many tournaments pre season, yet he work hard now and show an increase.

"Ronaldo scores five goals this season and he can net among 25 and 42 goal. He owns capacity. He also can net 42 goal again.

"Gave him threatening when stay in the penalty box and he scores goal nicely," he said.

Meanwhile, Argentina's striker, Carlos Tevez brews his first time lower in main squad to action league yesterday, after rumour few weeks blowing strong link his move to foreign club.

"I personally has been discussing with it and announced that he still this club in planning," clear Ferguson. - AFP

'I have 20 years of experience'

BUENOS AIRES - Fixed Diego Maradona stand one ' ground him when have external parties dispute his ability to become trainers Argentina's national team.

Maradona's credibility as trainers become limelight him when only ever operate club status team in 23 match when become trainers in the year 1994 and 1995.

"Many of those said about the experience, yet I have 20 years of experience with national squad Argentina.

"It make me laugh when them say I had no experience," said Maradona captain when his team won the world cup 1986.

"Football never change. I do not think it give shock me back."

Maradona adds, Carlos Bilardo's presence ever won world cup title as the manager might do away with perception that he lack of experience.

"Bilardo be in my side and he owns much experience. I think design pay I right track now," he said.

Maradona also be compared with ex-captain Brazilian, new Dunga appointed as national coach the country after World Cup 2006 although not possess experience. - Reuters

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mourinho like LIVERPOOL

LONDON - News currently blowing strong link coach Inter Milan, interested Jose Mourinho to return to England and guide club Liverpool.

Operator container Chelsea that besides ever voice his desire to return to England after leaving Stamford Bridge two last season.

As circus- Ferdinand

LONDON - England's bastion, Rio Ferdinand assumes team planning national football as a circus until arrival Italy's member, Fabio Capello as the manager, January go.

Manchester United's player that which led his country opposed deep Belarus a match World Cup Qualifying in Minsk this morning as substitute injured John Terry, tell, plenty player drift lifestyle with celebrity design.

"I think we were trapped with all hype that," said Ferdinand as quoted in media Britain yesterday.

"Us to be celebrity from the aspect situation WAGs (wife and girlfriend). It become a pomp in team environment England.

"It as a exposed stage and football become one element second to main event. We ensnared in 'foam' that by own," he said.

Ferdinand's claim that aimed specifically to World Cup 2006 when Sven-Goran Eriksson's manager allow WAGs lives near hotel team in the city spa German, Baden-Baden.

"In Baden-Baden, there were paparazzi in any, our family there. When you back, it as a circus," said Ferdinand quoted saying deep The Times.

England lose go through determination of penalty to Portugal at the level in the quarter-final German after draw without goal.

Ferdinand distinguishes player freedom enjoyed once with decisive step Capello would also ban family, friend and agent from approaching hotel team.

"This a method very professional. Only with a target decision, very similar with our many clubs. The decision arrived earlier from show.

"You know how he (Capello) in the field training and in the meeting we, and have one thought to win there.

"Kaedahnya very tight. We must take each capable matter from manager because his vast experience. If we can do it, England will head accurate direction.

"I do not want talking too fast but you can see we at the beginning good and hope hope, have reward a bigger one than those we owning last year," he said.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

RESULT..World Cup 2010 Qual

Today game of the Match...

1) England vs Kazakhstan
2) Italy vs Bulgaria
3) Argentina vs Uruguay
4) Colombia vs Paraguay
5) Venezuela vs Brazil

Friday, October 10, 2008

England is wish

LONDON - Lost deep feeling of fear England's squad are just as voice out his operator, Fabio Capello.

Willing birth coach Italy that, his subordinate will act without anything feeling of fear when entertain team visit dwarf, Kazakhstan to action world cup qualifying 2010 in Wembley today.

In the same period, Capello also promise that his operand's squad will continue excellent action like when thrashing them Croatian 4-1 passed month.

"I hope with the decision up Croatian, we ultimately successful tackle bear. They had to play with confident. Confidence I see when design play with the club masing- masing," clear Capello.

"Them but should also play as if that were last match. On winning Croatia is important with us already flag England, keagresi- fan and confidence.

"After fail qualify person to Euro 2008, we are plunged into feeling of fear especially when we play in Wembley.

"I am confident we can play better outside of the country and we had committed it."

Capello also demanded his fruit's children to respond full commitment are just as be done- will by Theo Walcott.

"When I pitchfork to Walcott, I put confidence that he will pay something," clear Capello refers to the affordability Walcott bursts hatrik .

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Success could not be achieved with such easy

MANCHESTER, England - Reputation As 'rich club new' and standard player line-up world will not guarantee victory to Manchester City.

That manager warning Liverpool, Rafael Benitez (picture) to the squad Mark Hughes's guidance so when design meet in rival Liga England's Prime in Eastlands today.

City taken over by Abu Dhabi United Group (ADUG) with the value 210 million lb (RM1,281 million) month go install season main aim this to provide rival to four giants club England namely Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool.

After recording move record in England as many as 32.5 million lb (RM198.38 million) to get services of attacker Brazilian, Robinho, City issued the statement to provide rival to distinguished club apart from peep opportunity to book slot to rival Champions League.

Hughes also expected one more time splurge to season next January move to get quality players.

However Benitez firms luxury financially will not help City achieve success especially when opposed club own brilliant history tradition as Liverpool, United and Arsenal.

Benitez says, "By January this we will see what would happen yet it is not easy to show sharp increase inside the team.

"Chelsea spends lot of money to few years before them won the title.

"Success could not be achieved with such easy."
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