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Friday, October 10, 2008

England is wish

LONDON - Lost deep feeling of fear England's squad are just as voice out his operator, Fabio Capello.

Willing birth coach Italy that, his subordinate will act without anything feeling of fear when entertain team visit dwarf, Kazakhstan to action world cup qualifying 2010 in Wembley today.

In the same period, Capello also promise that his operand's squad will continue excellent action like when thrashing them Croatian 4-1 passed month.

"I hope with the decision up Croatian, we ultimately successful tackle bear. They had to play with confident. Confidence I see when design play with the club masing- masing," clear Capello.

"Them but should also play as if that were last match. On winning Croatia is important with us already flag England, keagresi- fan and confidence.

"After fail qualify person to Euro 2008, we are plunged into feeling of fear especially when we play in Wembley.

"I am confident we can play better outside of the country and we had committed it."

Capello also demanded his fruit's children to respond full commitment are just as be done- will by Theo Walcott.

"When I pitchfork to Walcott, I put confidence that he will pay something," clear Capello refers to the affordability Walcott bursts hatrik .

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