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Friday, July 31, 2009

Ferguson lauds Valencia

VALENCIA (right) celebrate goal
his network with Wayne Rooney in Boca Juniors 's
opposed action in Munich yesterday.

BERLIN - Manchaster United new star, Antonio Valencia beginning to steal focus.

Yesterday, winger from the Ecuadorian score goals in his inaugural action with United when immersed Boca Juniors 2 1 in Audi Cup 's semifinal 2009. 

"I feel he will play inside main character many matches after this. I are very satisfied with his performance in this first action," said United manager, Alex Ferguson.

Valencia which replaced Cristiano Ronaldo, score United second goal in 42nd minute through swift kick failed to be saved by goalkeeper, Roberto Abbondanzieri.

Earlier, Anderson runs network curtain make United in 23rd minute and Boca only afford return a goal through Federico Insua in 55th minute. 

"He (Valencia) good one player, possess strength and ability from run aspect like those we can see his way create that goal.

"May be it also sprung of goalkeeper's mistake but he successfully created opportunity and open its space to self," clear Ferguson. - Reuters

Friday, July 17, 2009

David Beckham Terry advice

LONDON - David Beckham suggests John Terry so that think as deep as in its before deciding to stay Chelsea.

Beckham's advice being voiced after she realizes will 'pain' which need is passed by any player when leave their favourite club.

According Beckham, the experience ever dialaminya when he join Real Madrid after finish period 10 years with Manchaster United. 

In fact, Los Angeles star the Galaxy also acknowledged, financial strength possession Manchester City still not yet enough to gladden Terry.

"Joy is most important thing. If you act with high spirit with club which indeed you want, thus it more meaningful of other matter including financial," clear Beckham.

"I am confident Terry were players like that. He owns high spirit on football, instead of only eye because money. 

"So, he have to make best results instead of solely because money. He is even England captain and necessarily he have the spirit high in football."

Terry future in Stamford Bridge becomes focus after City bid £30 million (RM175.5 million) to its. City also ready to offer highest salary to Terry namely £250,000 (RM1.4 million) one week. - Agency

Ronaldo not City interest
RONALDO refused emulating Tevez's move

LONDON - "I will not participate you."

That strict world most expensive players, Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester City.

City which now considered most influential club in England have voiced their desire to seek Ronaldo's service from Manchaster United last year.

Club from the Eastlands also be reported prepared bidding amounted £135 million (RM787 million) to United to seek Ronaldo's service. 

Like that, the Portugal winger rejected that offer and choose to supplement most expensive transfer total world £80 million (RM466 million) by joining Real Madrid.

Ronaldo also clarified that he would never following in the footsteps Carlos Tevez by joining City under Mark Hughes operand.

"No, not at all," clear Ronaldo when asked do he will join City someday. 

"City owns many great player and could be their can pose a challenge to United, Arsenal and Chelsea. However, the no guarantee for me join they.

"Personally, I only interested in playing to Real Madrid and teams such as Barcelona and Valencia." - Agency

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Owen prepared trigger shock

LONDON - Michael Owen (picture) want close his critic ' mouth after complement his transfer to Old Trafford yesterday.

Owen signing of a contract for two years when Manchaster United fan dispute Red Devils decision bring in Liverpool star's container the often face with injury problems.

Like that, Owen promises will start next season with his best performance to prove United manager's decision, Alex Ferguson choose him was accurate. 

"I know some people manager told (Ferguson) should not take I," said Owen.

"But once new season started, I shall prove my ability above field with impressive performance."

Owen also wanted prove that injury will not be an obstacle to him to go forward best performance.

"I admit many times sustains injuries but what sure, I do not think it will happen on I again," said Owen.

"I 29 years old and play more 500 matches pering  at highest make club and England, so I cannot undergoing treatment all the time. 

"This is great chance to me and I impatient in order to be United player.

"I want said thank you to manager because still believe in I and I give guarantee will pay its with I goal and best performance."

Meanwhile, Ferguson believes Owen still standard player world after player hunt annya, Karim Benzema chooses Real Madrid as his new destination.

"Michael is standard striker world and he have proved his network record in highest level. The Pencapaiannya can no longer argued will," said Ferguson. - Agency

Friday, July 3, 2009

Real delays wish buy Alonso

LONDON - Real Madrid postpones their effort to seek Liverpool player's service, Xabi Alonso until this month end.

This is because, Real alarmed if Alonso club's container, Real Sociedad should get percentage of a moving fee goods received Liverpool after selling the Spanish midfielder.

It was part of agreement worth £10.5 million (RM60.6 million) when Alonso joins Liverpool five years ago. 

However said condition will his expiry in this mid July and Real believes, Liverpool manager, Rafael Benitez sure agreed upon bidding price £35 million (RM202 million) offered they if all the money become property Liverpool.

Real new star, Kaka follows urge his club to continue desire get midfielder 27 years old the.

"I have acted before against Alonso as much as twice in final Champions League. He is enough player good and talented," said Kaka. - Agency

United saves Owen

LONDON - Michael Owen almost assured join Manchaster United.

By his policy, he had expressed persetu  Juan to be moving to Old Trafford.

Last Tuesday, United manager, Alex Ferguson reported have contacted Owen and bargain kannya salary as much as £50,000 (RM288,312) one week.

Owen also is promised additional bonus, depend upon appearance and network dilakukannya. 

However, Owen first have to get over tight medical test before United agreed to offer contract to him.

"It inconceivable because once Owen already think to move to Hull City but now United also offer contract.

"This have raised his spirit and Owen now so hoped acquiesce with United gets in achieve," said close source with Owen.

The shock is made Ferguson after United fails to entice Lyon striker, Karim Benzema apart from have lost two his player last season, Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez. 
Owen sidelined England national squad's coach, Fabio Capello embarks on ball profession sepaknya with United arch enemy namely Liverpool.

He begins to be player without team two days ago after his contract with Newcastle United ends.

However, Owen sure do not suspect Ferguson would bid to him because previously only Stoke and Hull interested in getting his service, while Everton stills consider said matter.

Meanwhile, United had purchased Charlton midfielder 16 years old, Sean McGinty with price £500,000 (RM2.88 million). - Agency
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