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Friday, July 31, 2009

Ferguson lauds Valencia

VALENCIA (right) celebrate goal
his network with Wayne Rooney in Boca Juniors 's
opposed action in Munich yesterday.

BERLIN - Manchaster United new star, Antonio Valencia beginning to steal focus.

Yesterday, winger from the Ecuadorian score goals in his inaugural action with United when immersed Boca Juniors 2 1 in Audi Cup 's semifinal 2009. 

"I feel he will play inside main character many matches after this. I are very satisfied with his performance in this first action," said United manager, Alex Ferguson.

Valencia which replaced Cristiano Ronaldo, score United second goal in 42nd minute through swift kick failed to be saved by goalkeeper, Roberto Abbondanzieri.

Earlier, Anderson runs network curtain make United in 23rd minute and Boca only afford return a goal through Federico Insua in 55th minute. 

"He (Valencia) good one player, possess strength and ability from run aspect like those we can see his way create that goal.

"May be it also sprung of goalkeeper's mistake but he successfully created opportunity and open its space to self," clear Ferguson. - Reuters

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