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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Drogba's fed up with the ball

Paris - Striker Chelsea, Didier Drogba out for the first play after the football through a second disappointing since has.

"The ball is no longer in my mind. Interest is also not a kind again. Even trying to talk about the ball I also lackluster.

"I feel so out. Create the first time in a career, I lost something valuable," said players from the Ivory Coast in a French football magazine that was published, said.

Thus, Drogba, who joined Chelsea from Marseille in 2004 began to understand why the England manager Birthday, LUIZ Felipe Scolari often put players on the bench as the shares Nicolas Anelka savings, which so far is the most penjaring League of England.

"Make this time, I can only dwell alone. Wait just turn my return because this is when other players are better than me," he explained.

However Drogba to Scolari also suggests that more often menggandingkannya with Anelka in attack.

"I declare I Acapkali Nicolas delighted to come to Chelsea. But I still can not understand why we were so afraid managers menggandingkan us together," he said.

- AP

Adebayor of Togo's best players

Lome - Emmanuel Adebayor selected as the Best Player of Togo fourth time in succession by a local sports journalist who clearly announced.

Arsenal Striker to return to the national team last October after a quarrel with the employee team understand the requirements relate to travel act together skuad country.

However, he menjaringkan four goals when the Swaziland to ensure that Togo is still feasible to expect the World Cup 2010.

Adebayor is a finalist for the award for Best African Player in 2008 with Chelsea players, Didier Drogba of Ivory Coast, Michael Essien of Ghana and the Egyptian, Mohamed Aboutraika and Amr Zaki.

Amr Zaki, who joined the Birthday of England League (EPL) Wigan in loan menjaringkan 10 goals so far.


Five years in jail awaiting Gerrard

Gerrard berdepan prison sentence of five years if the mistake for charge in bring injury.

London - England football star, Steven Gerrard candidate berdepan prison until five years after allegedly bringing in the injured one who witnessed a fight with Disc Jockey (DJ) injury clearly beaten the morning.

Gerrard, 28, detained along with five more men after figthing in the a bar in Southport.

DJ sideline, Marcus McGee, 34, received four stitches in his head.

Blood and broken glass scattered can still be seen in the floor of a nightclub after the pergaduhan who witnessed the police arrested the Liverpool.

Gerrard said with our friend celebrating the victory of the Reds kill Newcastle 5-1 last Sunday and he disoal strategy for nine hours over alleged injury and strike news.

Understood there is a valid fracas involving players with Marcus replace the real DJ.

When Marcus played the song, Gerrard also said to ask the other songs played. However, she refused to follow Gerrard death because he violated the police Birthday.

"Marcus reject Gerrard in the chest and accidentally nudge Gerrard Marcus mouth," said one visitor.

"Gerrard then attempted going down and outstanding, but our friend continue to attack Marcus, and one of them hitting the head with a bottle Marcus. Everything happens in less than 10 seconds.

"Gerrard then be forced out of the fight and everything became dark-exchange fog.

"People all beset Marcus shirts because the light has been stained with blood." - Agencies

Monday, December 29, 2008

Liverpool captain troops be catching

LONDON Dis 29. - Captain troops Liverpool, Steven Gerrard in the early morning after the earlier attack indicted a man causing the man entered the hospital to face with the treachery.

The middle of England, arrested at 2:30 am (local time) at Southport with five more men and others still in detention policy matter for the investigation said the source policy.

However, the policy mendedahkan not name those indicted before suspek.

Victim aged 34 years was taken to hospital with the face of treachery but stable condition, said the policy.

Incidents that occur near Liverpool was a few hours after Gerrard was kelabnya tower with two goals which won a meeting with Newcastle 5-1 in the northeast of England.

"Policy Merseyside now still menyiasat attack that occurred early in the morning before ... in Bold Street, Southport.

"Six arrested ekoran incident because the victim disyaki attack in Lord Street," according to the facts without a policy named Gerrard. - AP

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ferguson's Rooney nocuous

LONDON - Wayne Rooney (picture) is able to continue to tear hurdle opponent.

That view of the management of Manchester United, Alex Ferguson when the review of the touching star is destructive.

Ferguson said, incredible action on display when Rooney United to 1-0 win over Liga de Quito on the final World Cup Club ago was an attacker makes a more perfect.

"Triumph would bring good to you, especially in the highest ranking like this.

"When you win the best gift resistance and resistance scoring single goal, is no longer a he want.

"action in the second round when I mengarahkannya play in the left wing, very great.

"It was a lesson for him to play in the position where he was giving impact," said Ferguson.

Ferguson also stressed, he will beate Rooney in the wings as the formasion for the opponent.

"He is a great choice," he added. - Agencies

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Chelsea and Manchster United continue to give emphasis to Liverpool

LONDON - Chelsea and Manchster United continue to give emphasis to Liverpool in the League championship scramble Prime England this season when their record victory, the night before.

Chelsea does not have problems killing troops subordinate league, West Bromwich Albion 2-0 at Stamford Bridge in the resistance.

Both goals dijaringkan Chelsea in the first round menerusi Didier Drogba (m-3) and Frank Lampard (m-45).

However troops guidance Luiz Felipe Scholari network that failed to increase in the second round.

Meanwhile champion survived, United were forced to wait until minit-83 tunnel before wicket Stoke City to record slim 1-0 victory in the stadium opponents.

Troops guidance Sir Alex Ferguson is still tucked their return from the tower Kelab World Cup in Tokyo, Jepun sunday quite anxious offshore movements when they easily be broken.

Carlos Tevez until the break the impasse with the passing Dimitar Berbatov in the penalty box.

Stoke also had to play 10 people in the resistance after their players, Andy Wilkinson discarded because the two kad yellow.

West Ham also risen from behind before winning 4-1 to Portsmouth at the top of the opponent.

After the nadir Belhadj put Portsmouth in front, Jack Collison equalize the position for West Ham before three more goals followed in the second round menerusi Carlton Cole and Craig Bellamy (2 goals). - AFP

Friday, December 26, 2008

Tevez saved United explosion

LONDON - Carlos Tevez Gol single successful save Manchester United from Stoke City dimalukan when skuad the Red Devils win 1-0 in UEFA action Prime England overnight.

Network berpunca results hantaran attacker Bulgaria, Dimitar Berbatov seven minit before resistance ends.

But action in the United Britannia Stadium is best viewed not ditahap them.

Champion stand is clearly still tucked back from the new Following Jepun embrace the title after the World Cup Tuesday Kelab ago.

Instead, skuad guidance Tony Pulis also almost shameful Red Devils attack menerusi reply and they have several opportunities to menjaringkan goal menerusi Danny Pugh and Rory Delap.

However dismal overwrite the host when the defense, Andy Wilkinson removed after receiving a second yellow kad because treat roughly Cristiano Ronaldo.

Begitupun, which dibelasah Stoke 0-5 at Old Trafford six weeks ago, survived until well after Wilkinson in the waste.

The situation was witnessed United add pressure to the top of the Stoke and eventually triumphant obtain a single goal in the menerusi Tevez minit to-83.

Meanwhile, West Ham United 4-1 Portsmouth membelasah at Fratton Park with Craig Bellamy set off two goals for the troops pelawat.

Two more goals by West Ham disumbang Jack Collison and Carlton Cole.

Tottenham Hotspur also failed to use the surplus in the pit when the series without its own network with Fulham at White Hart Lane.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Arsenal full of hatred

London - Arsenal will go down with the mission to take revenge on Liverpool in the League action in England Prime Emirates Stadium tomorrow.

He ekoran their defeat to Liverpool in the final rotation tribe Champions-League champions in Harlem last April.

Striker Arsenal, Robin van Persie said, he still can not forget the disappointment is causing the Gunners tersingkir.

Arsenal initially sure they will be eligible to end the half after Emmanuel Adebayor to score a goal when the match berbaki six minutes.

I, skuad Arsène Wenger is experienced disappointment when the network by Steven Gerrard and Ryan Babel successful campaign to remove them from the Europe.

Now van Persie admitted, he atoned for conservative disenchantment with the help Arsenal to a record victory over Liverpool.

"I still haunt it, you're meeting for several weeks, and I still do not know what actually happened.

"When the balance six minutes a game again, we will remember our peril (to end the half) and we have also meraikannya.

"But they get a penalty through Ryan and Steven and also to score a goal victory. It is difficult in the trust, and very disappointing.

"We always remember this defeat. I know how they play and what they do to us before and he is disappointing us," said van Persie.

After experiencing defeat in five league this season, van Persie Arsenal may not be aware killed again if want to continue to provide challenges in the struggling league.

"The only opportunity for us to win the title with a record of success is in the big matches.

"If we sink Liverpool, we will pursue them with five eyes, and everything can be valid," he said. - Agencies

England ogre in danger situation

London - Lottery ranked losers die Champions-League champions the night clearly does not support the four giant Birthday England.

In the sweepstakes, the Manchester United manager, Alex Ferguson will again berdepan former enemy who is also the duration of Inter Milan, José Mourinho.

Arsenal meet diundi Birthday Italian, U.S. Rome when Chelsea will make a calculation by former managers, Claudio Ranieri who is now guiding Juventus.

Rafael Benitez will also return to Spain when Liverpool are scheduled berdepan Spanish League champion, Real Madrid.

Spanish Club, Barcelona will meet Lyon while Villarreal against Panathinaikos FC, Sporting Lisbon meet Bayern Munich and Atlético Madrid berentap with FC Porto.

If you see resistance batches lottery losers is dead, clearly pertembungan between Ferguson and Mourinho for the second time in Europe this campaign to steal the focus.

This is because, Mourinho has a brilliant record to the top of Ferguson when he was guiding Chelsea.

He also became the main character when the United rid of the same campaign in the 2004 season, once used kelabnya need witnesses, FC Porto had trofi Europe the first time.

"Porto emerged victorious years, but we will try and reward menebusnya victory as expected Birthday and our mind," said the directors of communication United, Phil Townsend.

"We only met Inter just once before kejohanan in 1999 and we successfully won the European title when it. It is expected that one indication that he was good."

Another meeting to witness Liverpool against Real the first time since their last meeting in the 1981 European Cup final which the Reds won 1-0 in Paris.

"No more meetings are more interesting than this. He is meeting the local government to look forward," said Liverpool secretary, Bryce Morrison.

Chelsea also will be willing to welcome the presence of their former managers, Ranieri who was in 2004.

"Clearly Ranieri brought back to Stamford Bridge will worsen the situation again and I hope he will be greeted by our mind," said the Chelsea secretary David Barnard.

"But if we are able to repeat our good performance in the league of England to campaign in this, we need not worry."

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Liverpool hope that fate?

London - Liverpool Manager, Rafael Benitez believes the Reds are able skuad sweep of England League title this season if the three main team, Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal failed to give real competition.

By the meeting against Hull City tomorrow, the official birth of Spain is also considered a Liverpool Birthday 'dwarf' shares Birthday three of England is the best.

"To win our league title, we should expect Chelsea, United and Arsenal can step in the challenge to them this season.

"But rarely three Birthday this week," said Benitez.

When this skuad kendalian Benitez in the league made with one eye on the excess before pencabar terdekatnya, Chelsea.

When United and Arsenal, each household in the third and fourth behind the eyes of six and eight behind Liverpool.

Before join Liverpool in 2004, Benitez has won the Spanish Liga with Valencia and now he is able to repeat the successes seen in the domestic league with the Reds.

"For me Valencia and Liverpool is the same. To win, clubs handalan need to be explored with the other extreme," said Benitez.

"When I won (the title) Spanish League with Valencia, that applies to Real Madrid and Barcelona. So he pleased."

After guiding the children fruit batches less feasible to die Champions-League champions, Benitez began urged them to focus in ten league matches after this.

"We are now almost three months to focus in the Prime League rivals England and the FA Cup," added Benitez.

"Then we will concentrate initially on European competition next year.

"We do not want to relinquish the top position. If we are still here when the competition begins Europe, we are clearly expectancy to adjust outstanding season next year." - Agencies

United in critical action - Ferguson

London - Manchester United Manager, Alex Ferguson (picture) admitted face with Tottenham Hotspurs this day is important and critical resistance in turn seize the opportunity of Prime England League championship this season.

After the slaughter to Liverpool and Arsenal in addition to the series with Chelsea, Aston Villa and Everton before this, bimbingannya troops must not be receiving one more defeat.

In fact, meeting in White Hart Lane this time is considered quite challenging Ferguson shares the previous season because of factors eyes when this position.

Of the league, Liverpool six in front of the eyes when Chelsea with five eye shares in the United household third.

"I assume he is among our most important matches this season. Tottenham is in their best performance when we need to continue to pencabar above.

"Usually the meeting of two teams this will be the focus and progress of each met fierce.

"But we have a better record when they act in the place. Please we still have the opportunity to look after the later matches," said Ferguson.

United will fly to Tokyo to kejohanan clubs and the world that make Ferguson the match with Tottenham is very important because the weight of the task that faced by the children after fruit.

Plus Liverpool also act in place of their own against Hull when Chelsea against West Ham on the paper, the victory of the top two teams that already are in hand.

Moreover, the concerns Ferguson is increasingly striking after a loss to know the service Rio Ferdinand, Michael Carrick and are still Dimitar destructive injury.

"I'm not sure Carrick can play. Similarly destructive. Rio also back pain. All these need to be taken about," he said.

When United tried chase, another friend sejawatannya also aim at Liverpool, Rafael Benitez wants PLAYERS take the opportunity to separate themselves more with the other main pencabar.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Cristiano Ronaldo will remain loyal to Manchester United

London - Europe's best player, Cristiano Ronaldo will remain loyal to Manchester United.

At the same time, he continues to be to reach the more humble title along with the Birthday of the Old Trafford.

Ronaldo associated with Real Madrid in the summer and content to help kelabnya using more success this season.

"I am very decently in there (Old Trafford)," he said after the ceremony as the Golden Ball awards for Best European Player 2008 at the Paris clearly.

"I arrived there when I was young and I have won many awards since trofi and with United.

"Today (clearly), I won awards, which have been read to my taste is very happy. He was a tribute to all of my business is.

"But I want more than this. I need to win more individual awards and also teamwork."

Ronaldo also deny spread rumors that he was still thinking about a move to Real.

"I do not understand. I now focus only want to help the team repeat the triumph of the season off.

"We need to win the title, Champions League champions once again and also the League of England, which indeed become our priority.

"It's not the time to talk about this when other Birthday. I'm happy here," he added. - AP

Chelsea evasive mistaken step

London - Chelsea Manager, LUIZ Felipe Scolari believes his team will not be an important step in meeting against CFR Cluj in the last stage action Group A Champions-League champions early tomorrow morning.

Scolari's not necessary to deter Birthday stunted from Romania in the Stamford Bridge for a guaranteed place in the rankings lose die campaign Birthday elite that Europe.

Decisions series is enough for the Blues peril if Bordeaux fails to win the U.S. resistance with Rome in one action the Group A.

However, Scolari believes the child is able to handle the fruit opposition Birthday Cluj, the need of creating once sought victory.

"Is difficult to be if Chelsea tersingkir I do not think many people in this world think about these things but because he can give us this opportunity to other teams," said Scolari.

"I do not think we will tersingkir because I believe the players are.

"But why we play better than what we show (before this) would want to continue the challenge."

Nicolas Anelka brilliant achievement that score one goal when Chelsea to a 2-0 win over Bolton Wanderers in England Prime League action Saturday and a successful accommodate the loss of Didier Drogba who is still experiencing serious injuries.

"He (Anelka) is very effective in the front door of the goal. Berdepan When he was a one opponent, he is a great network, such as when the opposing Bolton, is very great," added Scolari.

"Without Didier, it is what we need from Nic and he successfully done so with a class apart."

Whether the achievement during Anelka and confidence Scolari, Chelsea should not underrate Cluj successful without binding the Blues network and defeat Roma in Italy on the action before this.

Chelsea will go down without a designer Frank Lampard hanging matches after receiving a red card against Bordeaux whereas when Joe Cole also revealed after the return is expected to recover from injury. - AFP

Friday, December 5, 2008

Gerrard's repulsion

London - Head of the team Liverpool, Steven Gerrard said he had already see queasiness Birthday army chief opponent pitched trophies in the season.

After realizing Liverpool still have not won the championship since the League of England first introduced 16 years ago, Gerrard so disappointed after the Reds do not often have the opportunity to appear even though the league champion had won the Champions League, European Champions, UEFA Cup, FA Cup and League Cup.

''When I see Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs and John Terry pitched trofi league champion in the head and I did not do so, I make so jealous.

''When I get a successful title is, I know how I will react. It is quite easy, I want another championship,''he said.

does not condone any PLAYERS leave Old Trafford

Manchester, England - Manchester United Manager, Alex Ferguson does not condone any PLAYERS leave Old Trafford.

If Ferguson to give 'green lights' players read like Danny Welbeck, Manucho and Rodrigo Possebon would leave Old Trafford through a loan agreement.

However, after bring themselves to the half-League Cup final defeat by Blackburn Rovers 5-3 overnight, Ferguson reluctant relinquish any PLAYERS.

Votes for action, half-League Cup final that will see the United berdepan either Tottenham Hotspur, Derby or Burnley will be held this Saturday.

Now Ferguson thought he had strong reasons to reject any bid from any Birthday get players who are interested in a loan-PLAYERS.

"We are rivals in the final half (League Cup) and he has certainly become two additional matches (reciprocal).

"For all the resistance, he intended to be difficult because we also need to berdepan Fulham and Wigan Athletic (in the Prime League rivals England).

"One good thing is we have a large skuad, I will not condone any of our players to leave the loan.

"I want to hold them together. I really need them," explained Ferguson.

Ferguson also praised the row that has been read shows their ability to act in the United skuad along the main action in the League Cup campaign.

"All the players will get the opportunity to play when the time comes and they have done so.

"I am delighted with the circumstances but what is more important is when the beginning of the second phase of the campaign this season.

"We will berdepan something like eight matches in 26 days and I should have skuad to face the circumstances," added Ferguson.

In the action the tribe League Cup final at Old Trafford last night, Carlos Tevez explode four goals for United in the respective minutes to-36, 51, 54 and 90 when Nani contributed one goal.

Blackburn also produced the network through a Benni McCarthy, which produce two goals while Matt Derbyshire added one more goal. - AFP

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Leaders Liverpool please be patient

Keane still failed to give effective impact on the Liverpool line of attack so far.

LIVERPOOL - Liverpool Manager, Rafael Benitez expects pro skuad The Reds celebrated children's fruit industries occupy the top of England League campaign.

Benitez express the hope that after skuad kendaliannya recorded a series of decisions without a network with West Ham United in the Harlem night.

Success, the one eye that is adequate for Liverpool to overcome Chelsea as the precursor league.

Even holding back calyx charts league, the Reds said the row is not satisfied with the cold reception given to persons life.

Nine days after the record when the same decision against Fulham in Harlem, skuad kendalian Benitez once again forced to return with a decision that rather disappointing.

However Benitezu reluctant to see a situation that applies to children's fruit is from a negative angle.

"Sometimes people are not disappointed when the win but sometimes you need to be especially happy when we are in the top league position," said Benitez.

"The certainly feel disappointed after our fashion series in the network without its own stadium. I hope they are patient.

"But when they return to the house and see the position in the league, they will see our position in the top league.

"If we successfully to score a goal first, we may menjaringkan more goals."

Decisions series was able to witness the Liverpool net in the record of four successive matches.

However, they failed to score a goal in two matches last ligat.

After losing their attacker Fernando Torres that the hamstring injury, Benitez once again forced to entrust Robbie Keane and Dirk Kuyt in the line of attack.

Unfortunately up to this far, Keane menjaringkan successful only two goals in league competition since he emigrated from Tottenham Hotspur in the summer ago. - AFP

Ronaldo best in the international Europe

Capturing this combo (from left) a second when Ronaldo as the player to reach the award for Best FIFPro World, Best Players Club Europe and Gold THIS Europe.

Paris - Star Manchester United, Ronaldo Cristia no-ditabal Best European Player in 2008, it need allow it to reach the Golden Ball award.

Success off Ronaldo's award is sure menghampakan attacker young Barcelona, Lionel Messi who simply are in second place.

When the attacker sensation Liverpool, Fernando Torres in third place on the ballot conducted by the magazine France Football.

"This is one of concealing a day in my life," said Ronaldo who quoted from the magazine France Football.

"My dream was to win trofi since this small again.

"Anyone who ... I recognize that I live with, knowing that this is like a dream to become a reality."

Based on the sweepstakes made in the epoch-ME-journalists, sports journalists, soccer, Ronaldo was superior to reach 446 when the eyes followed Messi (281) and Torres (179).

Number of ballot obtained Ronaldo is only two eyes beyond the lottery received the AC Milan, Kaka when the me-menangi the same award last year.

Then, Ronaldo is simply in second place when reaching the 277 eyes, whereas Messi in third place with 255 eyes.

"I only just over 23 years old and he really stunning (if reach this anuge-rah).

"Hard to be. He is considered more better some big names competing (for grab this award)," said Ronaldo.

He also like to thank the friends sepasukannya said: "I hope to win this award again."

For the record, Ronaldo became the fourth United player who wins this award after the first George Best achieved in 1968.

Ronaldo contributed 42 goals in all competition last season that he was witness to help the United emerged victorious England and the League of Champions-League champions.

Earlier, Ronaldo has been selected as the player to reach the World Best FIFPro award other than the editors THIS Gold Europe and Best Players Club Europe.

With selected as the best European player, Ronaldo also appears that the first players off the campaign in the League of England reach the award after former Liverpool strikers, Michael Owen followed by kannya in 2001.

He is also the third player to appear Portugal-me achieve award after Eusebio in 1965 and Luis Figo (2001). - Reuters
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