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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spanish legal slot to South Africa

MADRID - European champions, Spain meet initial projections advancing to the final World Cup 2010.

The success that comes after Spain beat Estonia 3-0 in qualifying action yesterday, while Bosnia-Herzegovina 1-1 Turkey binding, thus giving advantage to Spain for the Group Five dominated with 24 points, eight points ahead in Bosnia.

"We won all eight matches and not all teams can do the same thing," said the captain of Arsenal, Cesc Fabregas scored the first goal in Spain to-33 minutes.

"We can be proud of what we do and it indirectly gives us confidence to face the remaining matches and the next World Cup."

Spain stepped to the final as the winner of Group Five and will be played in South Africa as a team option for winning the prestigious trophy for the first time after success in the European Championship (Euro) last year.

"It was not our best night of this action (felt) but we have qualified for the World Cup and it was enough to give meaning to this team," said interpreter-trained Spain, Vicente Del Bosque.

After the first goal Spain explode Fabregas, Santi Cazorla and Juan Mata each added one more goal to ensure victory stylish European champion. - AFP

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Maradona not budge

Maradona Galas critical tasks to guide Argentina to the final qualifying World Cup 2010.

Asuncion - "I will fight till the last drop of blood."

Such promises coach Argentina, Diego Maradona after the children fruit lost 0-1 to Paraguay at the sudden action kelaya-kan the 2010 World Cup yesterday morning.

The decision means that Paraguay will join Brazil to the final World Cup in Africa Sela-tan, while Argentina was increasingly left to sit for a group of four best teams in the South America zone.

"So long as my blood is still flowing in the body, then I will fight to bring Argentina to South Africa," said Maradona, who is also captain of Argentina during the World Cup edition appeared in 1986.

"We're still not out of World Cup competition and I am not afraid of criticism.

"I'm also not afraid of anyone and I will continue my duties no matter how much criticism I received."

In the action felt Nelson Valdez scored on a single game-27 minutes to allow Paraguay to advance to the final World Cup was the fourth consecutive year.

Face after 16 matches, Argentina just ranked fifth with 20 points, behind third and fourth teams, Chile (27) and Ecuador (23).

For the record, the four top team South American zone will automatically advances to South Africa with the fifth place team will match the two playoffs against the fourth team from the CONCACAF zone.

- AP

Friday, September 11, 2009

'England could champion'

Lampard (left) and Gerrard Nadi success of England yesterday.

LONDON - England are can mencongak target at the final 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Early yesterday morning, Kenda-lian squad Fabio Capello was confirmed ticket to South Africa after membelasah Croatia 5-1 at Wembley in qualifying action.

More sweet, at once saw the success that England managed to pay revenge on Croatia, the team that restrict them to the final played at European Championship (Euro) 2008.

"Now England can win the tournament (World Cup)," said Capello after witnessing the action star of five children fruit yesterday.

"If we can maintain fitness and best played with high spirit as against Croatia, then we can put as the main opponents."

Eight wins from eight matches was enough to give passage to England was perfectly qualified for the final 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

In the action felt, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard respectively explode two goals, while Wayne Rooney added a goal to enable England advanced to the final 2010 World Cup qualifying action when two matches still remaining.

Currently, the UK collect a maximum of 24 points and eight victories in the competition results qualifying Group Six,

Croatia is in second place seven points behind when the martial-kang England.

"We are one of the world's best pot-kan and we can against any team out there," added Capello.

"Our target is higher in South Africa but later we will be played to win because we know we are England.

"We have reached our first target to advance to pusi kat-end and now, our able-nyai time to prepare for the World Cup.

"Moreover, all the players in this team is the best and I am happy with them."

For the Croatia coach, Slaven Bilic, he admitted that the children were displaying fruits action worst in the history of football country felt when losing to England.

"It is not only a defeat but an insult was pot-kan," said Bilic. - Agencies

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Note the success of England, Capello still not satisfied

LONDON - Fabio Capello is not satisfied with the performance of England at the end of the game flat even though they defeated Slovenia 2-1 in friendly action felt.

Striker vs., Zlatan Ljubijankic to successfully perform network-85 to bridge the gap even before England comfortably with two goals through networking Frank Lampard penalty and Jermain Defoe.

Team goals that visitors come from action while till England squad at the end of the game.

It is clearly disappointing while Capello blame children for failing to make a fruit delivery properly and too easy to lose concentration.

"We played too slowly, using remote delivery and not played in a way that I want," said the coach of Italy.

"We also missed a goal late in the game because players are not very good concentration on the last four or five minutes."

In another development, Capello admitted substitute, Defoe made in dilemma about choosing players in action World Cup qualification with Croatia, on Wednesday.

According to him, he has many options and all the offensive players have worked hard to showcase the best performance.

He was also impressed by the hard work that displayed a more offensive, Emile Heskey that issued at the time of rest.

Capello said: "Heskey played well.

"I have the opportunity to try two different patterns of game two small well-striker. I'm still trying to find a suitable coupling.

"I need a little time before making a decision. This game preparation that friendship is important to me." - Agencie

Samba Brazil to South Africa

Fabiano (left) celebrates with Kaka network and
Maicon in action in World Cup qualifying yesterday
Rosario. Brazil defeated Argentina 3-1.

Rosario - Brazil appear first team from South America made a ticket to the final World Cup in South Africa next year.

The success that comes after they defeated the enemies of tradition, Argentina 3-1 in qualifying action yesterday.

Luis Fabiano explode two goals in the 30th minute after Luisao and 67 minutes to open the network in-24, thus more difficult route to Argentina in the tournament was played in South Africa next year.

Planning Napoli, Jesus Datolo rewarding single goal in the game was Argentina.

"We're excited," said Brazil coach, Dunga.

"We defeated a team that has great players like (Lionel) Messi.

"In fact we also remove unbeaten at home in Argentina feasibility stage."

Coach Argentina, Diego Maradona admitted his team the chance to played in South Africa next year following the defeat felt increasingly difficult.

"It will be more difficult for Argentina following the defeat of this opportunity but will continue to seek victory," said Ma-radona that inspire success in Argentina 1986 World Cup.

"I will be fully responsible for the above-han kekala this," he said.

Brazil is currently dominated South American group with 30 points, followed by Chile and Paraguay are tied 27 points.

Argentina was in fourth place with 22 points followed by Ecuador and Colombia (20). Top four teams qualify automatically for the World Cup. - AP
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