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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Note the success of England, Capello still not satisfied

LONDON - Fabio Capello is not satisfied with the performance of England at the end of the game flat even though they defeated Slovenia 2-1 in friendly action felt.

Striker vs., Zlatan Ljubijankic to successfully perform network-85 to bridge the gap even before England comfortably with two goals through networking Frank Lampard penalty and Jermain Defoe.

Team goals that visitors come from action while till England squad at the end of the game.

It is clearly disappointing while Capello blame children for failing to make a fruit delivery properly and too easy to lose concentration.

"We played too slowly, using remote delivery and not played in a way that I want," said the coach of Italy.

"We also missed a goal late in the game because players are not very good concentration on the last four or five minutes."

In another development, Capello admitted substitute, Defoe made in dilemma about choosing players in action World Cup qualification with Croatia, on Wednesday.

According to him, he has many options and all the offensive players have worked hard to showcase the best performance.

He was also impressed by the hard work that displayed a more offensive, Emile Heskey that issued at the time of rest.

Capello said: "Heskey played well.

"I have the opportunity to try two different patterns of game two small well-striker. I'm still trying to find a suitable coupling.

"I need a little time before making a decision. This game preparation that friendship is important to me." - Agencie

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