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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Michael Ballack the Heroes

Leipzig, Germany - Michael Ballack Germany continue to ensure that preceded Russia with four eyes in the Feasibility chaimpain World Cup group 4 with the help the team to 4-0 win over Liechtenstein yesterday.

Chelsea stars make it look to the 91-and surpass Germany to help with the collection of 13 eyes in the face of Russia's eyes and gather nine troops dwarf Liechtenstein in Vaduz this Wednesday.

Germany lost several major milestones including the attacker, Miroslav Klose and defense Arne Friedrich treachery.

"I am delighted with this triumph, but now a more difficult task awaits us," said Ballack on the team will verse Russia in Moscow next October.

Wayne Rooney is willing to destroy Ukraine

LONDON - Wayne Rooney is willing to destroy Ukraine after the two networks was to help England beat Slovakia 4-0 yesterday.

Manchester United stars that blow up two goals in the game for the victory over England in the style of action heating Feasibility of meeting the World Cup with Ukraine this Wednesday.

Rooney can not wait for the opponent face Collection 6 in England after the two networks that he witnessed record four goals in the last fight for the country.

The last to do that is Gary Lineker in 1986, Dan Rooney also about being a record 48 goals gathered Lineker.

Rooney the new age of 23 years, was accounted for 21 goals in 49 opposition for England.

"I am very happy menjaringkan can make this two-goal England," said Rooney.

"Force is trying hard in training and he was helping me with the good.

"We act today with the good (kelmarin). Babak first very bright and we should score more goals.

"He was a good injection of enthusiasm for us and it is a triumph for us."

Scoring consecutive goals in the action yesterday friendship is Emile Heskey and Frank Lampard. - Agencies

Saturday, March 14, 2009

England football more energetic
Rome - Coach nationality England, Fabio Capello (images) night kelab England football kelab able to dominate Italy in the European competition this season due to physical and mental stronger.

All three of Italy kelab bring ourselves to the second rotation Liga Juara-Juara Europe fall in the hands of England's opponents.

Precursor Serie A, Inter Milan lost 2-0 to the aggregate menerusi predecessor and the Prime League champion, Manchester United.

Juventus also died with the aggregate to Chelsea 3-2 AS Roma remove when in the hands of Arsenal menerusi determining penalty kick.

"What can I say, no distinction in mentaliti big players. Style games in England are usually more physical and energetic.

"In my view, our troops (Italy) lack something compared kelab English, was once glorious defeat AC Milan Manchester United (in the UEFA Champion Champion-2007) it was only because they have many players berkualiti.

"There are things that need to be corrected immediately if we want to return to the highest ranking in Europe,''said Capello, Italy jurulatih birth.

Firm Capello again, mentaliti elements that require changes in attitude in Italy is the most players who like to throw in body only and get a free penalty kick.

He said, they should berhabis end to grab the ball and created opportunities in a manner that is fair.

"We also often play with the nine-defense and only allowed in front of an attacker tried to do something.

"Another problem we, in Italy there are too many penghadang - players who prevent the opponent and then drop, tactics like this at all manner disrupt the game.

"Pengadil need to let the running game and tactics rentaknya this, prevent the opponent no longer used in Britain because the football they are more reasonable,''he said again. - AFP

Manchester United 1 - 4 Liverpool

MANCHESTER - Liverpool gets new life in their pursuit subduct Prime League championship this season after the England defeat Manchester United 4-1 at Old Trafford in the resistance, for the night.

Although ranked in the early game behind a penalty kick goal of Cristiano Ronaldo, Liverpool risen more straight game with the opportunity to strengthen brink of distinction.

"The achievement is shown from both the defense to attack. He was a great victory because we can not always see United lose 4-1 at the place itself also, "said the head of the army Liverpool, Steven Gerrard.

Fernando Torres set off with the goal of equation followed Gerrard penalty goal before Fabio Aurelio and the gantian, Andrea Dossena add anguish United.

Two more goals past hapless Liverpool defense milestone comes after United, Nemanja Vidic removed because the treat roughly Gerrard on the minit to-76.

Vidic succession of error into the flap to allow Torres menjaringkan score equation after the convoy failed to pack the ball was stolen from behind.

Vidic appeared to lack menjejaskan United behavior and design of the play as clearly lost direction after that.

In fact, possessed Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Dimitar Berbatov a few minit removed Vidic before the game does not change much longlai United.

Defeat meant this season, United failed to defeat Liverpool appeared in domestic league after the 1-2 slaughter at Anfield in the resistance in September last year.

However, United still remained in the top league with four eyes and the excess was less than a proportionate resistance Liverpool.

"It is difficult to accept this defeat, especially when our troops are better for this period.

"However, we need to accept it even if he does not expect this from a number of terms of the network," said the caretaker United, Alex Ferguson. - AFP

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Didier Drogba can be elevated as Chelsea's hero.

TUREEN - Didier Drogba can be elevated as Chelsea's hero.

Her explosion when match superflous seven minutes enable Chelsea binds Juventus 2-2 in second action, Liga Juara Juara's knockout round in Stadium Olimpik, Turin yesterday.

The decision fair enough make Chelsea treads to quarter-final competition through win by aggregate 3-2.

"Good performance shown Drogba very crucial for we. He featuring high and all along commitment busy above field.

"He also did not give easy task to opposition defense. He proves his final touches is enough sharp," said Chelsea manager, Guus Hiddink.

Hiddink also flattered with his midfielder great shows, Michael Essien which made first time stand in rows eleventh major The Blues after rest six months.

"Essien seems active although he not enough active for games 90 minutes and succeed to score goal in first act end.

"Second half, we succeed control the game more than home team," obvious.

Meanwhile, Juventus's manager, Claudio Ranieri says, his team failure score any goal in first meeting in Stamford Bridge two weeks ago be his team cause removed.

"Would be vital this in competition to score goals in opposition place. Chelsea is great team,"

In action yesterday, Juventus precedes in 19th minute through Vincenzo Iaquinta before Essien equalized in first act end.

Alessandro Del Piero back gave hope to house owner's supporter when burst Juventus's second goal minute penalty kick outcome 73rd.

However, Drogba demolishes Juventus's hope when burst equalization goals in 83rd minute. - AP

Steven Gerrard already started yell out warning to great club Europe.

LONDON - Liverpool's captain, Steven Gerrard already started yell out warning to great club Europe.

It is due to Liverpool's success progressing to Champion Leagu last quarter's rival after immersed Real Madrid through win by aggregate 5-0.

In second action, knockout round in Anfield yesterday, Gerrard bursts two goals to help Liverpool wins 4-0 on the Spanish giants club.

Proudest, that two goals see Gerrard now had recorded 100 goals in Liga Juara Juara's campaign.

"Action today (yesterday) is sufficiently great such as action we exhibit during this season," said the England's mastermind.

"We play superbly and managed to discharge duties nicely in first act.

"Our second act only need finish this game, but we be able to also score two goals. Satisfied everything player.

"I do not mind with personal statistic, what is important was we recording victory in this match."

Liverpool's striker, Fernando Torres confirmed active few hours before kicking started, score Liverpool's first goal in 16th minute.

Gerrard adds two more respective goal in 28th minute and 47 before defence player, Andrea Dossena bursts Liverpool fourth's goal two minutes before match ended.

"Come down to oppose Real were of paramount importance for me because my history with Atletico Madrid. I willing endure pain," said Torres.

"Of course the goal very important to me and also made Liverpool fans. It a very meaningful for them." - Agency

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Manchester United stars depression

Edwin van der Sar

LONDON - Manchester United Stars, Park Ji-Sung began to recognize the pressure resistance dirasai as an administrator, Alex Ferguson predecessor league to provide troops for the day-to-day is precarious.

Get a steady position, seven of the top of England succumb Newcastle, 2-1, Wednesday, United began to devote attention to the FA Cup, this week against Fulham at Craven Cottage for menempah place to end the half.

Wednesday before welcoming their arrival to Inter Milan as the Old Trafford after resistance resistance UEFA Champion 16 Champion-bound series and the first rotation in Italy ended with no goals.

United has also embrace the title Kejohanan Kelab FIFA World Cup and UEFA, sunday ago.

However, Ferguson knows pasukannya may not receive any error if you want menyudahkan kempen with a stylish victory.

Park also believes United will be able to control the game but should not be regarded lightly.

''We want increased performance and focus every time a game. Then we'll see where we hujung this season. In the league, we have tasted how it seems to be pursued so that the end of the season and he is a pressure to play with us before Newcastle.

But''I think it was something good because we are able to focus throughout the fight going on,''he said.

Meanwhile, Wayne Rooney believes United are also prepared to move far away dream for a few days.

Rooney is score when the fifth goal against Newcastle, Wednesday confess that before this sunday is very important.

''We just want make sure that will be ready ready to fight this time and we do well.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Torres Benitez reluctant to participate

LONDON - Liverpool striker for sensation, Fernando Torres stressed that he will continue to abide in the Anfield although managers, Rafael Benitez reluctant to continue the contract with The Reds kelab the season ahead.

Benitez became the future of this speculation since after Liverpool failed to offer contracts to the advanced control of the Spain.

Latest khabar says Benitez ready to leave Anfield this season, one with a primary if Liverpool failed to reach any championship this season.

However, Torres brought to Anfield by Benitez's kelab Atletico Madrid two seasons ago explaining that he will not be the impression that the managers.

"The future of my stay in Liverpool because I still have a four-year contract here," said the Spanish attacker.

"If Rafael (Benitez) went, I still remained to fulfill my contract with kelab this."

Begitupun, Torres remain to contract with Benitez that England kelab can lengthen.

"I just want him (Rafael) remained with us but I do not know what to kesannya I suppose he went," added Torres.

Before this, Benitez trigger puzzlement about the future at Anfield when the refused to sign the new contract.

This is because Benitez demanded that he be given full power interconnect agreement each player moves the Reds. - Agencies

Friday, March 6, 2009

Chelsea target FA Cup

Coventry - The presence of Guus Hiddink (picture) has been successful inject a new spirit to keep Chelsea in the seizure of the Prime England League title.

However, the leader of the Netherlands participated in the championship hunt trofi FA Cup important as they now are on the best foundation.

Hiddink also do not want to see Chelsea once again end the season without any titles.

To victory over Coventry City at the end of the race action in the FA Cup Ricoh Stadium this evening will guarantee a place in the Blues end of the half, once gus forward manner victory since the troops under the guidance of Hiddink.

"It is important in this country to be in there (Wembley) for resistance to the end of May next.

"He was not only important here but all over the world. During I was in another country, people always talk about the Prime England League," said Hiddink.

Chelsea Board would want the test results because circumvent resistance pasukannya will meet Juventus in the second action-Champion League Champion three days after the action tonight with a slim 1-0 victory start.

However, the treachery toes experienced Nicolas Anelka has issued a dilemma Hiddink-seboleh because he does not want bolehnya hastily down the players that night.

Anelka absence of meaningful attacker Ivory Coast, Didier Drogba will play a Chelsea attack menjana mill gate to tear Coventry.

Add more problems to Hiddink, pertahanannya players, Ashley Cole had spent time in lokap arrested after drunk and behave as obscene after night out with the captain, John Terry early Thursday morning.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

United partners new dream

LONDON - League Cup is already at in Manchaster United's grip.
Now their focus is directed to FA Cup, England's Premier League and Champion League.

It open admission United's manager, Alex Ferguson after see his team beat Tottenham Hotspur 4-1 through penalty kick in League Cup final match yesterday.

Previously, United has won Kelab Dunia Cup's champion title, early part of the season.

However, the Red Devils's manager pointed out, they was no great deal of time to fete success 4-1 through penalty decision on the Tottenham yesterday because is still important match which need given attention.

"In fact, we probably capable won its without extra time and I am confident Spurs also will tell same subject matter," said Ferguson.

"Fatigue all players and I need reinstating their energy.

"England Premier League's campaign is our priority and same with Champion League."

Goalkeeper, Ben Foster saves Jamie O'Hara's first penalty kick and David Bentley's failure complete its give success to United in action held on in the Stadium Wembley.

"Our player take penalty kick with full confident," said Ferguson.

"Foster also reacted excellent with save penalty kick and it has raised our spirit." - Agency
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