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Friday, March 6, 2009

Chelsea target FA Cup

Coventry - The presence of Guus Hiddink (picture) has been successful inject a new spirit to keep Chelsea in the seizure of the Prime England League title.

However, the leader of the Netherlands participated in the championship hunt trofi FA Cup important as they now are on the best foundation.

Hiddink also do not want to see Chelsea once again end the season without any titles.

To victory over Coventry City at the end of the race action in the FA Cup Ricoh Stadium this evening will guarantee a place in the Blues end of the half, once gus forward manner victory since the troops under the guidance of Hiddink.

"It is important in this country to be in there (Wembley) for resistance to the end of May next.

"He was not only important here but all over the world. During I was in another country, people always talk about the Prime England League," said Hiddink.

Chelsea Board would want the test results because circumvent resistance pasukannya will meet Juventus in the second action-Champion League Champion three days after the action tonight with a slim 1-0 victory start.

However, the treachery toes experienced Nicolas Anelka has issued a dilemma Hiddink-seboleh because he does not want bolehnya hastily down the players that night.

Anelka absence of meaningful attacker Ivory Coast, Didier Drogba will play a Chelsea attack menjana mill gate to tear Coventry.

Add more problems to Hiddink, pertahanannya players, Ashley Cole had spent time in lokap arrested after drunk and behave as obscene after night out with the captain, John Terry early Thursday morning.


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