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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wayne Rooney is willing to destroy Ukraine

LONDON - Wayne Rooney is willing to destroy Ukraine after the two networks was to help England beat Slovakia 4-0 yesterday.

Manchester United stars that blow up two goals in the game for the victory over England in the style of action heating Feasibility of meeting the World Cup with Ukraine this Wednesday.

Rooney can not wait for the opponent face Collection 6 in England after the two networks that he witnessed record four goals in the last fight for the country.

The last to do that is Gary Lineker in 1986, Dan Rooney also about being a record 48 goals gathered Lineker.

Rooney the new age of 23 years, was accounted for 21 goals in 49 opposition for England.

"I am very happy menjaringkan can make this two-goal England," said Rooney.

"Force is trying hard in training and he was helping me with the good.

"We act today with the good (kelmarin). Babak first very bright and we should score more goals.

"He was a good injection of enthusiasm for us and it is a triumph for us."

Scoring consecutive goals in the action yesterday friendship is Emile Heskey and Frank Lampard. - Agencies

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