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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Torres Benitez reluctant to participate

LONDON - Liverpool striker for sensation, Fernando Torres stressed that he will continue to abide in the Anfield although managers, Rafael Benitez reluctant to continue the contract with The Reds kelab the season ahead.

Benitez became the future of this speculation since after Liverpool failed to offer contracts to the advanced control of the Spain.

Latest khabar says Benitez ready to leave Anfield this season, one with a primary if Liverpool failed to reach any championship this season.

However, Torres brought to Anfield by Benitez's kelab Atletico Madrid two seasons ago explaining that he will not be the impression that the managers.

"The future of my stay in Liverpool because I still have a four-year contract here," said the Spanish attacker.

"If Rafael (Benitez) went, I still remained to fulfill my contract with kelab this."

Begitupun, Torres remain to contract with Benitez that England kelab can lengthen.

"I just want him (Rafael) remained with us but I do not know what to kesannya I suppose he went," added Torres.

Before this, Benitez trigger puzzlement about the future at Anfield when the refused to sign the new contract.

This is because Benitez demanded that he be given full power interconnect agreement each player moves the Reds. - Agencies

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