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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Didier Drogba can be elevated as Chelsea's hero.

TUREEN - Didier Drogba can be elevated as Chelsea's hero.

Her explosion when match superflous seven minutes enable Chelsea binds Juventus 2-2 in second action, Liga Juara Juara's knockout round in Stadium Olimpik, Turin yesterday.

The decision fair enough make Chelsea treads to quarter-final competition through win by aggregate 3-2.

"Good performance shown Drogba very crucial for we. He featuring high and all along commitment busy above field.

"He also did not give easy task to opposition defense. He proves his final touches is enough sharp," said Chelsea manager, Guus Hiddink.

Hiddink also flattered with his midfielder great shows, Michael Essien which made first time stand in rows eleventh major The Blues after rest six months.

"Essien seems active although he not enough active for games 90 minutes and succeed to score goal in first act end.

"Second half, we succeed control the game more than home team," obvious.

Meanwhile, Juventus's manager, Claudio Ranieri says, his team failure score any goal in first meeting in Stamford Bridge two weeks ago be his team cause removed.

"Would be vital this in competition to score goals in opposition place. Chelsea is great team,"

In action yesterday, Juventus precedes in 19th minute through Vincenzo Iaquinta before Essien equalized in first act end.

Alessandro Del Piero back gave hope to house owner's supporter when burst Juventus's second goal minute penalty kick outcome 73rd.

However, Drogba demolishes Juventus's hope when burst equalization goals in 83rd minute. - AP

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