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Saturday, May 23, 2009


When two football club leading in the world distort in Champions League final match early morning this Thursday in Stadium Rome's Olympics, it also brought together two Cristiano's world-class player Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

In fact apart from Ronaldo-Messi's clash, several players in loaded club with standard player Manchaster United's inside star and Barcelona also will be pitted strength.

Xavi Hernández-Paul Scholes, Wayne Rooney-Samuel Eto'o, Thierry Henry-Dimitar Berbatov. The between names star will decide who greater.

However his sure focus is directed between Barça's star Lionel Messi and No's player.7 United Cristiano Ronaldo.

Both player most valuable in this planet, also is poisonous scorer.

Ronaldo becomes predecessor with as top scorer in Premier League England with 18 goals.

It quite encouraging of player act in wing position. Messi also raise 23 goals this season length in Spanish league.

Like player average Argentina 21 years old the score a inside goal two matches in Spain, namely 54 goals in 108 matches while Portugal international player most berprolifik Ronaldo with 84 goals in 196 in domestic league.

Total goals between both player of course side with Messi, however United attack's coupling joined Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney proven very effective until bring United to final match.

From fan's vote aspect, Ronaldo holds advantage on Messi. Player 24 years old the memegangi Pemain's award Terbaik FIFA and Ballon d'Or in 2008, meletakan Messi in second place.

In past season Champions League rival, Sporting's former players Clube de the Portugal ignore Barca's player wearing a jersey No. 10 in second place when score eight goals including in Chelsea's opposed final match, while Messi six goals.

However, other also his story this season when Messi now in top step in scorer list while Ronaldo only four so far.

Asked whom superlative between Ronaldo and Messi, Barcelona's player Daniel Alves chooses team mate.

''Who (Messi) from different planet because his capacity really stunning, his way make unbalanced match. In final match later, I hope Messi more glowing.''

Of Messi also, he declined assumption that final match this time is final Messi-Ronaldo.

"No... It fixed will become final match between Barcelona rebels Manchester. Not I and Ronaldo.

Gerrard seeks greatest terminator

LONDON - Liverpool's captain, Steven Gerrard challenges team mate so that strive stronger next season to show they be eligible main challenger in Premier League England.

Gerrard wants collect three final score when face Tottenham Hotspur tomorrow in mission collected 86 points, instantly see The Reds appears first runner up team greatest collect points at one season in Premier League history England.

The England's mastermind also clarified that their team should avoid of record much draw results like those afoot this season.

Gerrard admits successive draw decision in own court when face Fulham, West Ham and Hull on November and last December has divided Liverpool's wish mount the champion's title.

The Reds also only lose two this season match compared defeated United four matches.

"If see return all three this match, it is main key because if we win, we may be will be crowned championship or sekurangkurangnya still deep competition," said Gerrard.

"But that show how difficult to win this league and you also need act better in own court and win all match.

"But that show how difficult to win this league and you also need act better in own court and win all match.

"So, if we beat Spurs tomorrow and collected 86 points, it still a feat.

"I particularly proud. This season is our first time is involved within one big rivalry grab this championship. from my personal view, all of us very happy."

- Agensi

'United, you unfit'

LONDON - Heat final Champions League run high when Barcelona sensation's star, Lionel Messi openly insult Manchaster United's ability.

According the Argentina international player, Barcelona appropriately was in stage final because that team is champion team in football fan ' heart world.

Messi stresses that many football fans in the world wanted Barca wins the final act based on their ability display extraordinary and entertaining action.

The Catalan's giants club also boosted double title namely Liga Spanish and Raja-Raja's Cup.

"We should qualified to win meeting final on this May 27 on the basis of what we exhibit throughout this year," said Messi.

"Many other football fan want we memenanginya because our entertaining game style.

"We can achieve success with effort we doing this season. We also has played with miraculous game style."

This season also, Barca attack's trio managed to record 97 goals with Messi contributes 37 goals, Samuel Eto'o (34 goals) and Thierry Henry (26 goals).

"We have defeated Arsenal 2 1 in Paris in final 2006 and we also beat Chelsea this season," said Messi.

"However, I admit that England's club very difficult to be defeated. They know how to throw this campaign nicely." - Agency

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ronaldo already prepares to Real Madrid with AS$109 MILLION's moving fee

Ronaldo achieve compromise to Real Madrid
12/05/2009 8:15pm

MADRID 12 May - Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchaster United reported has already reached an agreement to sell player from the Portugal to Real Madrid after this July.

Under agreement which already signed the, United agree to free Ronaldo implicates minimum move payment AS$109 MILLION.

According best seller press here, El Pais, Real's former president, Florentino Perez expected will announce Ronaldo's transfer to the club, this Thursday. - AFP

United came over turbulence

RONALDO (left) said something to Ferguson after he
discharges at action in Old Trafford yesterday.

MANCHESTER - Behind success immersed Manchester City 2-0 yesterday, less pleased tone is felt Manchaster United's manager, Alex Ferguson.

All feeling gara gara revolt voice out two scorer in Old Trafford yesterday, Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez.

Ronaldo seen so frustrated because Ferguson produces its in early second half, while Tevez also was said angry after he still remains with player status loan.

"I did not read the statement. He still Manchaster United's player," said Ferguson when asked to comment Tevez's comment which wanted leave United next season.

Asked of Tevez's future, manager veteran the said: "I not yet want think the matter another currently."

Previously, Tevez reported want leave United after two season seconded of West Ham.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo also surprised when he discharges at 60th minute although is performing action excellent and managed to burst 18th goal in league rival this season.

Ronaldo seen so angry when direct reserve bench and tug beep stretch out to him past shake one's head several head when when sit in reserve bench.

"He wants stays on top field. The only his cause. He in best performance but I need see rational its.

"He also excelled on Tuesday past when we beat Arsenal. So I need to think about to maintain he directs active for matches after this," said Ferguson.

In action yesterday, Ronaldo places United before in 18th minute through free kick before Tevez scores second goal in 45th minute.

United now collected 83 points of 35 matches and Liver- pool also 80 points in 36 matches. - AP

Barcelona not yet want celebrate

Barcelona players's DREAM to upswing Liga Sepanyol's trophy in
Stadium Nou Camp yesterday no achieved.

MADRID - Barcelona have to wait one week another to embrace Liga Sepanyol's title after Jose Llorente scores Villar's equalization goals- real in 90th minute to fight culminated draw 3-3 in Nou Camp yesterday.

Barcelona almost embraced 19th title before audience themselves when lead 3-1, however Villareral scores two goals in 12 last minute of match.

Like that, the Pep Guardiola's operating squad only need attract a point from three final match to confirmed inaugural title since year 2006.

"It quite embarassing because we could not celebrate in front of an audience title who come to stadium," said Guardiola.

"We also through same subject matter (scoring late goal) as which occurred in Stamford Bridge weeks ago.

"However, this time it scored by opposing players namely Llorente.

"What is important, we need choose to wake up quickly and planning for Spanish King Cup final match tomorrow," he said.

In action yesterday, Samuel Eto'o, Dani Alves and Seydou Keita both teams scored once to give advantage to Barcelona precedes 3-1 in first half.

However, Villareal wake resisting and acquire two goals through Matias Fernandez in 78th minute and Llorente in late game.

In other matches, Atletico Madrid floors Espa- nyol 3-2, Recreativo Huelva floors Deportivo La Coruna 2-1.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chelsea's striker Drogba apologize

LONDON - Chelsea's striker, Didier Drogba apologised relating her action after Blues failed to advance to Champions League final match when removed by Barcelona.

Drogba seen extreme in describing his dissatisfaction on referee's decision in meeting in Stamford Bridge, past Wed.

He voices protest against match referee and curse forward invective a television camera after the end of that match.

Following that action, Drogba be flown yellow card and perhaps will encounter further action of UEFA.

Within one statement released by that club yesterday, Drogba states his self act outrageously and does not show a good example, especially to children watch television.

"I regret with actions that has been committed by I at that time with express feeling of disappointment and regret through that way.

"Due to this, I apologised relating said matter," said striker from the Ivory Coast.

In that meeting, Barcelona succeeds scoring equalizing goal 1-1 in injury time.

The decision qualify Catalan act in Champions League final match against Manchaster United bases on success score goals in opposition place. - AP

Dunga lauds Ronaldo's performance

SAO PAULO - Brazilian coach, Dunga yesterday praised performance improvement which indicated by Ronaldo bases on to action back latest the national striker container.

In fact the Brazil coach also expressed national team door still open make striker 32 years old that.

"Like those has I say previously, national team door open to all player which possess good performance.

"Who (Ronaldo) currently having impressive performance level and are being eyed by national team technical officers," said Dunga at one press conference.

Ronaldo scores 10 goals in 13 matches to Corinthians since recovered of knee injury last year in AC Milan.

AC MILAN's former striker, Inter Milan, Barcelona and the Real Madrid no have acted before to national team since World Cup 2006 following shackled by vigour and performance problem game.

"This is first time since 2006 he succeeds act to more than 10 matches successive. Due to this, his game style become increasingly grow.

"Ronaldo never stopped of score goals to his club. He knows will his ability.

"Is still a year (present distance with World Cup) for all player to work hard and get opportunity placing self in national squad," said Dunga.

Next match of Brazil in World Cup qualification's competition was opposing Uruguay in opponent court and meet Paraguayan home ground next month.

Dunga expected would name her squad 21 this May. - REUTERS

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Gerrard was confident Reds EPL's champion

LONDON - Liverpool's team captain, Steven Gerrard (picture) still confident his team is able won England's Premier League this season near clash with West Ham hopefully to bridge difference three points with Manchaster United's predecessor early tomorrow morning

If win it would bring Rafael Benitez's team in league's highest level based on difference of goal scoring, to at least before United face Manchester City in match derby in Old Trafford tomorrow night.

''We too close to do its this season. Honestly I am confident this team capable of doing its.

''If I said I do not think we will win, what use its we continue rival?'' said Gerrard.

With United still one match less, which they will be in action in Wigan this Wednesday, Sir Alex Ferguson's team be in best position to maintain championship.

However, although Gerrard accept reality that his team is second seeded to upswing first championship within 19 years, the England's midfielder confident Liverpool will end championship in nearest period.

''If we lose and United also drew nearer to championship, new we think its (championship) for the period three, four or five another year.

''I am confident this team too good to miss championship. Win league championship very meaningful to me,'' said Gerrard.

Liverpool may be capable of doing its without pillar dominating, Xabi Alonso when act in opponent field in eastern London after injured when win 3-0 on Newcastle weeks ago.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Gerrard jump Liverpool's spirit

LIVERPOOL - Liverpool's manager, Rafael Benitez accounts Steven Gerrard's presence once more just in time its in their effort destroy Manchaster United's dream maintain England Premier League's championship.

The Liverpool's captain would be reverted help Fernando Torres to mangle Newcastle United's goal in this night action after he have to be pushed aside long four result week injury at the lowest part of the thigh.

According Benitez, Gerrard's appearance and Torres affords attend pressure to rival team.

"Sometimes its period more to psychological element. When rival team see Gerrard's shadow and Torres, they will take more wary approach.

"Our team had committed superlative Gerrard absence's length but we would be stronger with his presence. He affords change match," said Benitez.

Benitez also aware, Liverpool compulsory win all match traverses they after this as United still prestigious top currently.

"They (United) having remaining matches difficult. Hope United will make mistakes and we also continue to pick up three points at every match," he remarked.

Meanwhile, Newcastle manager, Alan Shearer says, his team is future fall without two pillar, Jose Enrique and Steven Taylor sustains injuries.

"We will be permanently give superlative. We know it something great...''

United approach the title

LONDON - Manchaster United drew nearer to England Premier League's championship make third time successive.

Yesterday, Ryan Giggs's network and Park Ji Sung enables United recording victory 2-0 on Middlesbrough in Stadium Riverside.

Giggs which made appearance to 801 with United scores Red Devils's first goal in 25th minute through left leg kick homed corner of goalposts host.

Ji sung digs in when score United's second goal in 51st minute, also through left leg kick after receiving Wayne Rooney's pass.

The victory enable United now collected 80 points with balance of four games to wade.

His nearest challenger, Liverpool who is also has acted 34 matches, now collected 74 points.

Tonight, Liverpool have the opportunity to bring closer vision difference with United when meeting Newcastle United.

Above paper, United which now surplus six points on Liverpool only need two more victory to verify their championship.

Meanwhile, United's manager, Alex Ferguson praises Giggs's appearance and Ji-sung.

"I am not common sense player able to do such as Park. He a clever person, know where want running and nosed space. He great one player.

"Of Giggs, what else I can say. He a great. His network be catalyst to this victory," said Ferguson. - Agency
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