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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Gerrard was confident Reds EPL's champion

LONDON - Liverpool's team captain, Steven Gerrard (picture) still confident his team is able won England's Premier League this season near clash with West Ham hopefully to bridge difference three points with Manchaster United's predecessor early tomorrow morning

If win it would bring Rafael Benitez's team in league's highest level based on difference of goal scoring, to at least before United face Manchester City in match derby in Old Trafford tomorrow night.

''We too close to do its this season. Honestly I am confident this team capable of doing its.

''If I said I do not think we will win, what use its we continue rival?'' said Gerrard.

With United still one match less, which they will be in action in Wigan this Wednesday, Sir Alex Ferguson's team be in best position to maintain championship.

However, although Gerrard accept reality that his team is second seeded to upswing first championship within 19 years, the England's midfielder confident Liverpool will end championship in nearest period.

''If we lose and United also drew nearer to championship, new we think its (championship) for the period three, four or five another year.

''I am confident this team too good to miss championship. Win league championship very meaningful to me,'' said Gerrard.

Liverpool may be capable of doing its without pillar dominating, Xabi Alonso when act in opponent field in eastern London after injured when win 3-0 on Newcastle weeks ago.

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