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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Liverpool need to accept the fact that troops

KAPTEN troops Liverpool, Steven Gerrard (left) jumps for celebrates
network on a single pasukannya resistance FA Cup against Everton a 1-1
series result in Anfield, kelmarin. - AFP

LIVERPOOL, England - Liverpool need to accept the fact that troops need penyudah more sharply.

Rafael Benitez confess after a disappointing series of decisions, giving rise to the tongue pertelingkahan with Everton keeper, David Moyes.

Create a second time in the week, when Benitez wrinkled face Everton were thought to Anfield with the stand, the decision to obtain successful series 1-1, this time in the rotation of the four FA Cup competition.

After the successful blow to the army to provide neighbors with Merseyside decision record series Isnin sunday ago, Everton once again mempamerkan action if both parties do not justify Liverpool goal.

Benitez disappointed with the cautious tactics made more disappointing Everton and control of Spain was on the resistance that is not desired, especially forced to play in the Goodison Park on February 4 this.

"When you have a solid, it is better not to play too much resistance. However, you are forced to do so also.

"I think that we have a resistance that will be important after this ditempuhi. He will be difficult but if everyone is willing, we will attempt to deal with this skuad.

"He'll probably be better if a complete one-one opposition menempuhi without resistance test results.

"Walaubagaimanapun, at least we are still in this rivalry. Forces have been trying to win a resistance and not a defeat.

"Doing the attack to the top 10 players behind the ball (play stand) is not an easy matter. By the way, I am so grateful to all the players.

"I did not play seumpama this here or in Valencia. Resistance test results will certainly be something different. The details, they need to make the attack," said Benitez.

Benitez gave angry reaction to the insinuation that the Moyes of rakan sejawatnya imagine that the lack of such records because maruah decisions series.

"In certain, I did not think the decision to record a tie, although I will probably get the decision in the end," said Benitez. - AFP

Raul almost to rival the record the legend

Madrid - Icon Real Madrid, Raul almost to rival the record the legend of their network, Alfredo di Stefano after he menjaringkan goal victory when his team defeat Deportivo La Coruna 1-0 in Spain kempen UEFA kelmarin.

Spanish captain kelab giant is not only one goal to equal the record which is the inspiration Stefano Real embrace when five European championship in succession.

Even in the network Benabeu also witnessed skuad manage Juande Ramos continue to trail the league predecessor, Barcelona 12 eyes with distinction.

Defense Portugal, Pepe delivered in any hesitation about the position that Real are still far behind Barca.

"Barca have not yet tercicir eye, but on the back of our troops (Sevilla, Valencia and Atletico Madrid) mengalaminya, so we got a little room to breathe," said Pepe.

"We only need to look forward Barca lost eyes and take the opportunity to record the victory."

Kelmarin victory is a fifth time in succession for Ramos in the league after speculation spread to replace the place with Arsène Wenger at hujung this season.

Candidates for the new Real president, Florentino Perez that he will notify to bring Wenger to the Santiago Bernabeu if he is elected again.

"We just need to give to the object of our desire to win a lot of resistance and then we will see what effect," said Ramos.

"This season is still long and many more cases may occur." - AFP

Manchester United and Chelsea

LONDON - Two giant UEFA Prime England, Manchester United and Chelsea face a easy on the FA Cup fifth rotation.

United will be against the winner between the Derby or Nottingham Forest while Chelsea berdepan Watford.

Liverpool and Everton a 1-1 series yesterday will go down once again on the resistance at Goodison Park replay, on February 4 this.

The winner will meet resistance that Aston Villa have the same or Doncaster, the two forces that took part in the decision to record in the series kelmarin fourth rotation.

Also for Arsenal, if successful resistance test results to win over Cardiff City, then their opponent in the fifth rotation is West Bromwich Albion or Burnley.

Increased troop increase, Swansea champion survived the purge, Portsmouth will berdepan cabaran Fulham.

Action FA Cup fifth rotation will take place on February 14 and 15 front. - AP

Friday, January 23, 2009

Arshavin already not wait to used jersy Arsenal

LONDON - Andrei Arshavin (picture) memeterai agreement can expect 15 million pounds (RM74.55 million) to accompany the Arsenal from the zenith kelab St. Petersburg in the 48 hours.

"We hope it ends in the two days. We want it happen," said St. Petersburg Committee zenith, Maksim Mitrofanov.

"Arsène Wenger like him, Arsenal and mahukannya consecutive Arshavin want kelab with this act."

Meanwhile, Arshavin steal a toehold on Kejohanan Europe (Euro) years ago remain with the decision to accompany the England kelab it.

"I see Arsenal is my troops in the future," he said.

Terry does not act on the FA Cup
LONDON - John Terry (image) has issued a list of the main opposition Chelsea FA Cup to Ipswich this week after still be treachery

Chelsea and England captain is still the treachery spasma training session when the body warmer offshore sunday before the resistance against Stoke at the beginning is always in pain.

John Obi Mikel also will not be revealed on the fourth rotation of resistance ekoran the middle of Nigeria is still swing, but Didier Drogba has returned in skuad after Luiz Felipe Scolari does not disenaraikan two resistance in Chelsea before this. - AFP

Liverpool Shows sales price 600 million pounds

LONDON - The owner with Liverpool, Tom Hicks reported a conversation with the rich families from the Middle East about the possibility of selling the Prime kelab League at the price 600 million pounds (RM2.98 milliard), Daily Telegraph akhbar arraignment in their web pages, kelmarin.

Held initial talks with the Kuwaiti Al Kharafi family, diketuai by Nasser Al-Kharafi who have assets worth 9 milliard pounds is also a 48-man to the richest in the world.

Liverpool loan worth 350 million pound (RM1.7 milliard) will go through this again and Julai source tells consecutive co-owner, George Gillett and Hicks will need to agree to get a new buyer.

According to the web page again, rich families that are involved in the field of activity and several others in the banking sector, catering and ramble. - AFP

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Golden Goal by MU

BOLTON, England - Heading by Dimitar Berbatov in the 90-minit to put Manchester United at the top of UEFA Prime England for the first time this season after the 1-0 win over Bolton to, for the night.
Before the network, the Red Devils by brilliance Bolton goal keeper, Jussi Jaaskelainen saving attempts that Cristiano Ronaldo is still fresh with the gift of the FIFA World Open.

However, Carlos Tevez was latitude to dispatch the ball from the right side door of the goal to not be under guard Berbatov butt pack, once gus ensure victory for Liverpool in the delay of the top with one of the advantages.

Liverpool are able to seize back the top position against Everton when, in the next pertembungan on Merseyside.

Chelsea also terselamat after the candidate as if dimalukan when he rose from a goal behind to defeat Stoke City 2-1 on the network round the end of Juliano Belletti and Frank Lampard.

Troops guidance Luiz Felipe Scolari is to receive a spanking when the middle of Joe Cole can not act so that to the end of season, remained third in the league ladder, the Aston Villa, also rose from a goal behind to defeat Sunderland 2-1 despite the loss of Ashley Young removed padang.

Manchester City mengetepikan crisis to get the AC Milan, Kaka with defeat Wigan Athletic 1-0 at Eastlands.

West Bromwich Albion 3-0 to win space on the Middlesbrough to separate themselves from the stairs when tercorot Blackburn Rovers out of the evacuation when zon to 3-0 win over Newcastle United. - Agencies

Scolari prepared to release players

SCOLARI not want save the players who have lost interest with Chelsea.

LONDON - The Chelsea, Luiz Felipe Scolari prepared to release any player who has lost interest in the atmosphere is kelab.

According to him, the action was a step to restore the spirit in kelab The Blues.

Scolari said he was bored with some grumbling stars Chelsea argue that the selection troops than criticize style game that is applied.

Board of Brazil believes there is already among the PLAYERS 'dilamar' by some other kelab and now he want to resolve the issue before the bid closed.

Earlier, the main prop Blues, Didier Drogba, Nicolas Anelka, Ricardo Carvalho, John Terry and Frank Lampard make a complaint that the decision made Scolari is one of the factors of the deterioration of their natural right now.

"I do not know where the spirit berpasukan now. Perhaps because there is another bid from kelab so that they focus menjejaskan.

"I know the management of many other troops have made a bid to Chelsea players. They can do what they want but do not try to find a problem with me.

"If the stars have moved or want to feel not like the style of life in Chelsea, I do not hold up, but if you want eternal buktikan need to return the loyalty and spirit berpasukan back to the good," Scolari firm. - Agens

Friday, January 9, 2009

Torres admitted excited to become a legend

STOKE-on-Trent, England - Fernando Torres admitted excited to become a legend in the generation part in helping Liverpool win the title kelab first league football in England the 19 years, this season.

Spain was the attacker again rehat because of the treachery pelipat knee for six weeks, menjaringkan goal victory in the third rotation in the 2-0 FA Cup Preston, sunday hujung ago and want to return to the eleven main precursor in the Prime League Stoke, tomorrow.

Torres played an important role when Spain end 44 years to hold the title in the main Euro 2008 and the former Atletico Madrid attacker admitted that he want to enjoy the happy atmosphere at Anfield this year.

He said: "After the win Kejohanan Europe with Spain, I tasted what can become a part of the generation that will not be forgotten.

"And I think that the army is able to Liverpool if we win league. If we are able to do so, we will be remembered for several years in the heart peminat Liverpool.

"We have a united army that knows how to win a resistance, the way we play because their triumphant troops killed handalan without me several times, including without Steven Gerrard, such as resistance against Manchester United.

"I think he sihat for the troops as a whole. He described the importance of each player in the skuad. Matlamat We work to ensure the same in that Liverpool won the Prime League.

"If we were able to reach it, it will become a joint venture," he said.


Liverpool never threatened

LONDON - Manchester United beat meeting and Chelsea in the UEFA campain Prime England the next climb.

However, the management of Liverpool, Rafael Benitez earlier gave warning that the meeting did not directly measure will disrupt the children fruit.

Skuad The Reds will pay a visit to Stoke City today, a day before United visit Chelsea bring in the Old Trafford.

On paper, United and Chelsea have seen the best chance to compete with Liverpool for the struggling league title this season.

Begitupun, Benitez believes the consistency of children's fruit display this season will not be criticized, especially with the presence of the attacker prolifik, Fernando Torres and Martin Skrtel to recover from the problems treachery.

"We can still improve our performance," said Benitez.

"Skrtel should not be in action before this, Javier Mascherano and also the better Steven Gerrard has shown improvement. More important, Torres has now returned.

"So, I think this army has many options that can improve our game step. The details, we are now in the best position proportionate several seasons ago," added the leader of Spain.

With United only Chelsea will meet this Sunday, Liverpool potentially widen the chasm to six in front of The Blues skuad suppose to win over Stoke today.

Liverpool is now the league position with 45 eyes, three eyes in front of Chelsea.

United also is in third place with 38 eyes, but still has two advantages resistance proportionate Liverpool and Chelsea.

In the meantime, Liverpool have been reported to offer the wings, Jermaine Pennant a new contract for a year.

Earlier, a giant Italy, AC Milan has offered pre-contract Pennant failed to get a place in the main skuad The Reds this season. - Agencies

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Robben the power...

Madrid - Network stunning results larian successful solo Arjen Robben help tame Real Madrid Villarreal 1-0 in Santiago Bernabeu yesterday.

Real victory is to allow glue to the brink of 12 Spanish League predecessor, Barcelona.

In the action yesterday, coach Real, Juande Ramos to give opportunities to the French designer, Lassana Diarra and Dutch attacker, Klass-Jan Huntelaar make their first appearance.

However, Robben was clearly stolen object of resistance throughout the call.

The former Chelsea player was successful melepasi several star players including Spanish opponent, Marcos Senna before release rembatan single network for fast on Real minit to-31.

"We are already beginning to record a good decision and that is the best way to find the time and get the real confidence," said Ramos.

"We are a bit overwrought because most players have long berehat the Christmas celebration. Villarreal also fierce opposition in the second round."

He was the second victory for Ramos in the league and now Real melonjakkan the stairs to their third.

Barca are 11 of the tenant to leave Valencia after the second ladder series 1-1 with Sevilla club subordinate, Osasuna yesterday.

Jesus Navas network almost surely perpetuate Sevilla in the second stairway, but the goal equation Walter Pandiani on minit-minit last Sevilla forced to witness the resistance to reach one's eyes.

"It is shameful because although we do not act well, as victory is in the grip.

"But the victory was finally released from our grasp," said jurulatih Sevilla, Manolo Jimenez.

Sevilla is now tied with 32 eyes Real defeat when third consecutive Villarreal saw them behind the 15 eyes in the back of Barca. - AFP

Ferguson may think quite impossible for Manchester United

Southampton - The Alex Ferguson may think quite impossible for Manchester United to win a European title and three domestic championship.

However, he still believes the child is able to give fruit in the four-rival four kempen it.

United kick off kempen FA Cup with a 3-0 victory to top wide kelab Divisyen One, Southampton at St. Mary's kelmarin.

Network of youth players, Danny Welbeck and Darron Gibson and Nani penalty kick saw United kempen forward progress in the FA Cup.

The United League championship chase Prime England for the third time in succession, was also the second step to the rotation-League Champion Champion when scheduled menentan Inter Milan.

Tomorrow, skuad kendalian Ferguson will berdepan Derby at the end of the first half of action UEFA Cup.

So now, no troops had trofi four wins in one season, but Ferguson still does not consider it impossible for all children held fruit.

"I think we have skuad enough to provide good competition in all kejohanan, while we are not treachery crisis. That's the most important.

"Kempen FA Cup is dead less resistance, so you will not know what will occur.

"We have some good young players in kelab this resistance and this is an opportunity for them to draw from the experience.

"Players such as Welbeck and Gibson have proved they have the confidence and attitude that match," said the caretaker was 67.

United opponent in the FA Cup fourth rotation is Tottenham Hotspur later on which managers, Harry Redknapp had to guide Portsmouth eliminate child fruit Ferguson on the end of the race action kempen the same season at Old Trafford offshore.

"He was one of the most interesting attention. The meeting between us is always competitive.

"Harry Redknapp when Portsmouth beat guide our season ago, so we harapnya able to redeem it again," said Ferguson. - AFP

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The dream Arsène Wenger

London - The dream Arsène Wenger to Arsenal in 2009 with the launch competition reached more forceful.

Clearly, skuad The Gunners are exhibited with the best action receptions, tickets to the rotation after the fourth FA Cup defeat Plymouth 3-1.

Robin van Persie (picture) appears when Arsenal hero explode two goals and one touchdown while the present through its own network of Plymouth, David Gray.

For Wenger, the victory gives greater meaning to the team after the action exhibited less consistent early this season.

"We run the task with a serious and if we do not focus and TO COMPLETE, we may not be the next step to the revolution," said Wenger.

"I give praise to the top of my team because they run with their duties seriously and also to the Plymouth team because they also act with the good.

"I am quite surprised to see how The action players and how strong the challenges given by them.

"They do not reveal fatigue and extremely dangerous when the attack reply," he added.

Van Persie, 25, which increase the collection network to 12 goals this season, given the role as captain by Wenger after Cesc Fàbregas experienced knee injury.

"Robin always interested about the situation in the team and want to solve the various problems that arise," said Wenger.

"He is the best example of the changes the team, especially after witnessing kehebatannya today (clearly)." - Agencies
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