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Sunday, January 4, 2009

The dream Arsène Wenger

London - The dream Arsène Wenger to Arsenal in 2009 with the launch competition reached more forceful.

Clearly, skuad The Gunners are exhibited with the best action receptions, tickets to the rotation after the fourth FA Cup defeat Plymouth 3-1.

Robin van Persie (picture) appears when Arsenal hero explode two goals and one touchdown while the present through its own network of Plymouth, David Gray.

For Wenger, the victory gives greater meaning to the team after the action exhibited less consistent early this season.

"We run the task with a serious and if we do not focus and TO COMPLETE, we may not be the next step to the revolution," said Wenger.

"I give praise to the top of my team because they run with their duties seriously and also to the Plymouth team because they also act with the good.

"I am quite surprised to see how The action players and how strong the challenges given by them.

"They do not reveal fatigue and extremely dangerous when the attack reply," he added.

Van Persie, 25, which increase the collection network to 12 goals this season, given the role as captain by Wenger after Cesc Fàbregas experienced knee injury.

"Robin always interested about the situation in the team and want to solve the various problems that arise," said Wenger.

"He is the best example of the changes the team, especially after witnessing kehebatannya today (clearly)." - Agencies

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