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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Scolari prepared to release players

SCOLARI not want save the players who have lost interest with Chelsea.

LONDON - The Chelsea, Luiz Felipe Scolari prepared to release any player who has lost interest in the atmosphere is kelab.

According to him, the action was a step to restore the spirit in kelab The Blues.

Scolari said he was bored with some grumbling stars Chelsea argue that the selection troops than criticize style game that is applied.

Board of Brazil believes there is already among the PLAYERS 'dilamar' by some other kelab and now he want to resolve the issue before the bid closed.

Earlier, the main prop Blues, Didier Drogba, Nicolas Anelka, Ricardo Carvalho, John Terry and Frank Lampard make a complaint that the decision made Scolari is one of the factors of the deterioration of their natural right now.

"I do not know where the spirit berpasukan now. Perhaps because there is another bid from kelab so that they focus menjejaskan.

"I know the management of many other troops have made a bid to Chelsea players. They can do what they want but do not try to find a problem with me.

"If the stars have moved or want to feel not like the style of life in Chelsea, I do not hold up, but if you want eternal buktikan need to return the loyalty and spirit berpasukan back to the good," Scolari firm. - Agens

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