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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Liverpool need to accept the fact that troops

KAPTEN troops Liverpool, Steven Gerrard (left) jumps for celebrates
network on a single pasukannya resistance FA Cup against Everton a 1-1
series result in Anfield, kelmarin. - AFP

LIVERPOOL, England - Liverpool need to accept the fact that troops need penyudah more sharply.

Rafael Benitez confess after a disappointing series of decisions, giving rise to the tongue pertelingkahan with Everton keeper, David Moyes.

Create a second time in the week, when Benitez wrinkled face Everton were thought to Anfield with the stand, the decision to obtain successful series 1-1, this time in the rotation of the four FA Cup competition.

After the successful blow to the army to provide neighbors with Merseyside decision record series Isnin sunday ago, Everton once again mempamerkan action if both parties do not justify Liverpool goal.

Benitez disappointed with the cautious tactics made more disappointing Everton and control of Spain was on the resistance that is not desired, especially forced to play in the Goodison Park on February 4 this.

"When you have a solid, it is better not to play too much resistance. However, you are forced to do so also.

"I think that we have a resistance that will be important after this ditempuhi. He will be difficult but if everyone is willing, we will attempt to deal with this skuad.

"He'll probably be better if a complete one-one opposition menempuhi without resistance test results.

"Walaubagaimanapun, at least we are still in this rivalry. Forces have been trying to win a resistance and not a defeat.

"Doing the attack to the top 10 players behind the ball (play stand) is not an easy matter. By the way, I am so grateful to all the players.

"I did not play seumpama this here or in Valencia. Resistance test results will certainly be something different. The details, they need to make the attack," said Benitez.

Benitez gave angry reaction to the insinuation that the Moyes of rakan sejawatnya imagine that the lack of such records because maruah decisions series.

"In certain, I did not think the decision to record a tie, although I will probably get the decision in the end," said Benitez. - AFP

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