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Saturday, September 13, 2008

EPL : Saturday Result

Liverpool dissapoint MU

LIVERPOOL, England - After a long time let down, Liverpool finally obtain moral victory, yesterday after successfully beat his tradition's enemy, Manchester United 2-1 home ground, Anfield.

Proven decision really awaited that deemed to be by the manager Liverpool, Rafael Benitez as good sign and self-confidence to his player to hunt championship Liga England's Prime this season.

Liverpool never wins up deep United league rival England's domestic since 2004 - thanks to own goal Wes Brown and winning goal scored replacement player, Ryan Babel to pass game.

Before that, Carlos Tevez parks United in front with as early as opening goal game third minute to dispel applause transient supporter in Anfield.

Yet, it no demoralize Liverpool player continue to jam and control of the game until successfully tame subordinate Alex Ferguson.

The victory, said Benitez, sure it will become stepping stone to grab league championship last time won to 1990.

"It sufficiently important decision. Our position also currently good but a more important is our player has shown design afford to play excellent when opposed strong team," Benitez's speech.

For Ferguson, he acknowledges Liverpool indeed deserve win the match this while angry with show shown by his subordinate.

"Defeat of course cannot avoid but not with the way such. Defence so lax until contribute to two network opponent.

"Whole, Liverpool indeed finer although we beginning good. But that not enough if want to be compared with show shown by opponent," strict Ferguson.

He said, come off defence that, Nemanja Vidic also throw field because accept second yellow card while Michael Carrick also fall on injury.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fluent Spain psychological warfare start...

MADRID - Spanish coach, Vicente del Bosque starts launch psychological warfare near qualification action second World Cup 2010 opposed Armenian in Albacete this Wednesday.

The European champion good start when Del Bosque commences his main business as trainers when win 1-0 up deep Bosnia rival Group Of Five Saturday go.

"All opponent see us champion and taken the step suitably to defeat us but I has faith with this team," said Del Bosque.

"Is important for we to face the match equivalent by the way as of what we doing when opposed Bosnia, full excited and full focus.

"Are just as I speak, our arch-enemy is our person own.

"Win Euro 2008 has paid we confidence. Spain own expertise and skill to beat other challenger."

Del Bosque says, he intends to do several deep change his operand's squad.

He expected to put Santi Cazorla in the position wing to replace Diego Capel.

Sevilla's winger, Capel that displays opposed when consistent action passed Bosnia is the single new player in the list Luis Aragones's squad when won the title passed Euro Jun.

While Barcelona's young strikers, Bojan Krkic who were still not yet made squad deep appearance senior, would be waived one more time after Daniel Guiza becomes main choice to replace David Villa.

Manchester United ready to release Cristiano Ronaldo?

LONDON - Manchester United ready to release Cristiano Ronaldo?

The rumour is scattered after United reputed prepared to consider bids totalling 135 million euro (RM660 million) from the neighbour his local, Manchester City to get international player service Portugal that.

City's interest up Ronaldo that was voiced by Sulaiman Al-Fahim from Abu Dhabi United Group (ADUG).

For Ketua Eksekutif United, David Gill, regard them City's offer that as something trivial instead of serious.

Gill however state that all decision now depends to the owner United, Glazer's family and manager, deep Alex Ferguson determine any decision.

"Not believe me they (City) so serious with the offer and we also will not sell this club best player.

"Like that, we will discuss on any offer with Alex and club owner because it involving large certain amount of money only to a player.

"It would involve big money to bring player as Ronaldo exits from this club. Whatever, final decision depend with stance club owner."

Meanwhile, Italy's giants club, Juventus comply informed had got offer from City to get stated club goalkeeper, Gianluigi Buffon.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Rooney receive warning

LONDON - England's striker, Wayne Rooney be warned so more provide against another hard thrust to action world cup qualifying 2010 opposed early Andorra tomorrow morning.

This is because defence pillar Andorra, Oscar Sonejee have curbed every movement Manchester United's striker that when both team meet 18 passed month.

Rooney be flown yellow card and issued at the meeting witness subordinate Steve McClaren then win 3-0 in the campaign Kejuaraan Eropah's qualification (Euro) 2008.

Early tomorrow morning, Sonejee again pledge to rein Rooney's movement.

"Rooney uses strong language and insulting me. So I insulting him again.

"Him with arrogant it said Andorra no as great as England.

"He so aggressive and hot-tempered player. He insults I and I ended return it again.

"Important to us to play physically this in meeting and this time, I will try to do it better with," clear Sonejee.

Sonejee adds, Andorra's defeat to England previously already lifts his other team player supply constrain England.

"Who (Rooney) had won champions league title with United, him but should know that his success that is provide motivation to players as we to strive harder.

"Rooney am being likened as a fighter, nor I.

"I will try to the extent possible to provide physical stress and mental up it to see either he affords to face him or no.

"If England no to show sense of respect into us, they will sense his suffering." - Agency

Monday, September 1, 2008

Mourinho tormented disappointed

Squad inaugural action his operand force draw 1-1 in Sampdoria

ROME: Operator container Chelsea, Jose Mourinho tormented disappointed in inaugural action his operand to Serie A Itali when Inter Milan force draw 1-1 in Sampdoria.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic enables the visitor team lead in the first half but Sampdoria arise fight and attract one point through goals Gennaro Delvecchio.

Mourinho will not be happy because his team mensesiakan advantage but hope difference both team appear obvious after whistle end when players Inter bow disappointed but Sampdoria perks as have just won cup.

Yet trainer from Portugal not so also bitterly disappointed after the match.

“The decision is fair because we not able to control match, but draw in the court difficult opponent not disappointing. I do not overjoyed, but the team not also play severely,” he said.

Early Mourinho it create shock when choose midfield player Argentina, Esteban Cambiasso in the position middle defense because want to use three offensive player, with Ibrahimovic flanked Brazil's player, Alessandro Mancini and pillar veteran Portugal, Luis Figo.

Mourinho still want attract Ricardo Quaresma join the force it to act in the position wing but admit it will not be statement.

“I vomit passed few month desire but if decision to not buy players, it decided by the president (Massimo Moratti),” said Mourinho.

“I need fast player in wing, and my choice is Quaresma but Porto refuse to sell the player."

Football: England put aside Owen

LONDON 1 Sept. - Michael Owen not find place in squad England will open qualifying campaign world cup soccer 2010 opposed Andorra and Croatia, this month.

Instead, Fulham's pillar, Jimmy Bullard invitees for the first time to strengthen core team who lost three key players injury result, Steven Gerrard, Owen Hargreaves and Michael Carrick.

Failed Owen compelling team manager, Fabio Capello watch striker a star ' act that when Newcastle bust 3-0 to Arsenal, Saturday go.

See presence Capello in Stadium Emirates, many expected Owen going to be part-of 23 pillar England which will brought challenges world cup qualifying, let alone him score winning goal Newcastle when opposed Bolton and Coventry in two first match Liga Prime.

However Capello have special occasion why he subordinates Owen, one of the people than just four players has scored 40 goal make England.

“Owen is always and good player score goal that many make England, him but not player whose we wanted currently, we need active player,'' said Capello, yesterday.
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