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Friday, September 5, 2008

Rooney receive warning

LONDON - England's striker, Wayne Rooney be warned so more provide against another hard thrust to action world cup qualifying 2010 opposed early Andorra tomorrow morning.

This is because defence pillar Andorra, Oscar Sonejee have curbed every movement Manchester United's striker that when both team meet 18 passed month.

Rooney be flown yellow card and issued at the meeting witness subordinate Steve McClaren then win 3-0 in the campaign Kejuaraan Eropah's qualification (Euro) 2008.

Early tomorrow morning, Sonejee again pledge to rein Rooney's movement.

"Rooney uses strong language and insulting me. So I insulting him again.

"Him with arrogant it said Andorra no as great as England.

"He so aggressive and hot-tempered player. He insults I and I ended return it again.

"Important to us to play physically this in meeting and this time, I will try to do it better with," clear Sonejee.

Sonejee adds, Andorra's defeat to England previously already lifts his other team player supply constrain England.

"Who (Rooney) had won champions league title with United, him but should know that his success that is provide motivation to players as we to strive harder.

"Rooney am being likened as a fighter, nor I.

"I will try to the extent possible to provide physical stress and mental up it to see either he affords to face him or no.

"If England no to show sense of respect into us, they will sense his suffering." - Agency

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