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Monday, September 1, 2008

Mourinho tormented disappointed

Squad inaugural action his operand force draw 1-1 in Sampdoria

ROME: Operator container Chelsea, Jose Mourinho tormented disappointed in inaugural action his operand to Serie A Itali when Inter Milan force draw 1-1 in Sampdoria.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic enables the visitor team lead in the first half but Sampdoria arise fight and attract one point through goals Gennaro Delvecchio.

Mourinho will not be happy because his team mensesiakan advantage but hope difference both team appear obvious after whistle end when players Inter bow disappointed but Sampdoria perks as have just won cup.

Yet trainer from Portugal not so also bitterly disappointed after the match.

“The decision is fair because we not able to control match, but draw in the court difficult opponent not disappointing. I do not overjoyed, but the team not also play severely,” he said.

Early Mourinho it create shock when choose midfield player Argentina, Esteban Cambiasso in the position middle defense because want to use three offensive player, with Ibrahimovic flanked Brazil's player, Alessandro Mancini and pillar veteran Portugal, Luis Figo.

Mourinho still want attract Ricardo Quaresma join the force it to act in the position wing but admit it will not be statement.

“I vomit passed few month desire but if decision to not buy players, it decided by the president (Massimo Moratti),” said Mourinho.

“I need fast player in wing, and my choice is Quaresma but Porto refuse to sell the player."

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