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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eric Cantona desire to manage the Red Devils's squad in future.

LONDON - Manchaster United's legend, Eric Cantona began showing his desire to manage the Red Devils's squad in future.

The French star container is favourite player United's fan when his era is long five season in Old Trafford.

However, Cantona jolts United's fanatical fans when announcing his retirement in 1997.

During his career in Old Trafford, Cantona helps United towers England Premier League's championship for the first time within 26 years in season 1992/1993.

Over proud when he help United continues to mastery with title of league champion in season 1993/1994, 1995/1996, 1996/1997.

Now after 12 years retired of football career, Cantona confirms that he wants revert to Old Trafford as one manager.

"I not sure same I right or no, but as a trainer, I be confidence," said Cantona.

"I think I need are working with great players. Try to see Diego Maradona.

"As coach a club, he only win two of 25 matches.

"As Argentina coach, it many its difference and decision also doubtless changed." - Agency

Mission terminate 'story' Mourinho

LONDON - Manchaster United's manager, Alex Ferguson wants end 'story' Inter Milan's coach, Jose Mourinho in Old Trafford.

In first meeting, Liga Juara Juara's knockout round in San Siro yesterday, United misses many opportunities score goals until witness both teams are tied with draw results without network.

United's star, Cristiano Ronaldo at least owns four best opportunity including his free kick in late match successfully saved Inter's goalkeeper, Julio Cesar.

Caused goal sought after not visited, Ferguson hopes his nephew afford immersed Inter and Mourinho in Old Trafford in second action scheduled 11 front March.

"I so disappointed we do not won this meeting," admit Ferguson.

"But this new first action. We still was another meeting in Old Trafford where we own outstanding record.

"I realise this clash still not yet completed, but now we have one best opportunity."

This state of things is similar scenario when United face Barcelona in semifinals stage last season.

Then, Paul Scholes's network in Old Trafford enough already to aid United treads to stage final before they succeed defeat Chelsea.

"You can see our team maturity now," said Ferguson.

"Indeed exist your risk can be overwhelmed by one goal but Barcelona is great group and we succeed also beat they.

"In that day later, we only need gives attention and concentration. All its repeatable again."

Draw results yesterday see United yet loses in 20 matches Liga Juara-Juara although Ferguson create surprises start action without his main striker, Wayne Rooney. - Agency

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rafael Benitez gave warning

LIVERPOOL - The Liverpool, Rafael Benitez gave warning to the fruit so that the child does not spurn Manchester City when these two forces berentap Action League in England in the Prime Anfield tonight.

Benitez victory aware only able to continue pursuing their predecessors, Manchester United.

Even throughout Liverpool this season only died once but skuad The Reds keciciran eye is important when a decision simply to record a tie when meeting Stoke City, Fulham, West Ham, Hull City and Everton at Anfield.

City also have a poor record when in action outside Eastlands to 3-0 with victory over Sunderland at Ogos ago is the only victory in their 12 opponents in action this season.

However, Benitez reluctant to see the City's records as a surplus, while he thought skuad kendalian Mark Hughes will be present to Anfield with their best line.

"You can analyze how the performance of the opponent in the City but it differs in Anfield. All players want opponents show their best action.

"Forget the statistics, but we stack them to the great players they have," said Benitez.

Nevertheless can not be lower that Steven Gerrard is still not fully recover from the hamstring treachery, Benitez stays optimistic kaptennya is back in action when they meet Real Madrid in action less dead Liga Juara-Juara this Wednesday.

"Gerrard is not prepared for this resistance (to meet City). He sure can go back to Madrid to meet but we will specify this position Isnin (tomorrow)," he explained.

Hughes also hopes pasukannya will achieve success on a visit to Anfield this time, once gus rally for the troops bimbingannya.

Hughes participated berasakan mill is able to take the opportunity serangannya to Liverpool situation so that a push to achieve victory in the stadium itself.

"They (Liverpool) was dikecewakan some other troops in Anfield. We will make sure that we achieve victory in this fight," said Hughes. - AFP

Chelsea kick off the right side

LONDON - Chelsea kick off the right side under the new superintendent, Guus Hiddink.

Overnight, skuad The Blues are victorious defeat Aston Villa 1-0 in League action in England Prime Villa Park.

Single network Nicolas Anelka to the minit-19 is sufficient to provide the three essential for Chelsea.

Villa had not died in league action since November ago equate a position on the second round but Ashley Young's free kick only able menggegarkan Chelsea crossbar.

Chelsea survived a lot more views on the second round with Villa have some opportunities, but the hosts still failed to tunnel immune goal Chelsea keeper, Petr Cech.

With the victory, and now that Chelsea are in the third of 52 to obtain the proportionate Villa behind the one eye on the back of their opponent.

Meanwhile, Hiddink want kelab The Blues owner, Roman Abramovich to give full trust in him.

"I do not speak much with Abramovich about tactics or strategy specifically. We are only talking about general things football.

"Ten years ago, I faced difficulty to train Real Madrid because there is a distinction between opinion and I kelab president.

"I'm aware with the consequences but Abramovich, we do not go in detail and he did not get to that direction. He may feel happy when we watch the action later," said Hiddink.

Abramovich always seen together since Hiddink controllers are 62 years old receive the task as an administrator while Chelsea.

"He (Abramovich) is love football. Yes, he is certainly want to see good decision. But no need for him directing me," Hiddink firm. - Agencies

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Difficult to return to my LA Galaxy ' - Becham

MILAN: David Beckham admitted difficult for him to return to the Los Angeles Galaxy, and if AC Milan fail to reach agreement on the backup transfer.

Beckham spoke following a 2-1 defeat to the champion pasukannya survive, rivals Inter Milan in neighboring troops, kelmarin which almost certainly end the opportunity to seize Milan Scudetto crown this season.

And when he said, have developments for the latest diperkatakan likely tranformation from club United States troops to the Italian giant, he vomit if agreement is not reached migration.

"Not to have a new," said Beckham

"I already said I want eternal here and certainly if I return it will be a little difficult. I a professional but then we need to wait and see when the final decision will be made. "- AFP

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Giggs happy touch of the young

Derby: Captain Manchester United, Ryan Giggs kelab assert that young stars can play an important role in their attempts kelab elite trofi five wins in one season.

Giggs, 35, the effect kelibatnya when membelasah United 4-1 Derby rival in the FA Cup fifth rotation, but kelmarin talented young players, Darron Gibson and Danny Welbeck are the interesting view of this central Wales.

The middle of Ireland, Gibson got the best gift resistance after complete offering best setakat make the United menjaringkan second goal, when Welbeck as the incoming players gantian to detonate on score beautiful minute end resistance.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Inter Milan win out almost caimpainge

MILAN - Inter Milan win out almost caimpainge the Serie A for the fourth time in succession after the important victory record to 2-1 on the enemy, AC Milan at San Siro yesterday.

Two-phase network in the first menerusi Adriano and Dejan Stankovic put skuad kendalian Jose Mourinho as the precursor to the space 56 eyes, nine eyes in the face Juventus.

Milan also hold when the hapless in the third ladder, behind the 11 eyes in the back of Inter.

"There are 33 of us who need to achieve. He is still a far way. I can not say which rival jockey championship has ended for Juventus and Milan.

"But I can say, if we do not win, because he is releasing our own. Trofi is in our grasp when this," said Mourinho.

In the action kelmarin, Inter are in the first front thru network Adriano on the controversy to minit-29, a network that forces the opponent indicted as invalid after the ball hit the hand of the Brazilian players.

Then Stankovic put Inter space preceded with the goal through the first round before the glue Pato Milan on a cliff minit ke-71.

"Victory is very important because they (Milan) is a difficult opponent and give it to us so that the pressure of the resistance.

"I also akui that despite our best chance for some score goal and we should win this fight with a 3-0," added Mourinho.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ferguson in very confident situation..

Derby - of Manchester United, Alex Ferguson admitted children the opportunity to steal fruit trofi season five is not impossible that after they defeat Derby 4-1 in the fifth rotation action FA Cup kelmarin.

Kelab sweep after the World Cup and qualified to UEFA Cup final to Tottenham meet next month, United will strengthen the position as the forerunner to the UEFA Prime England five successful case of defeat Fulham tomorrow.

Skuad Red Devils are also still in the UEFA Champion-Champion and Ferguson believes, pasukannya have a line for clean sweep of all championship this season.

"This forces sungguh interesting. They were both able to act even in the difficult resistance. Memandangkan we have a resistance on Wednesday (tomorrow), I have the rest some players, but the troops have been doing our best again," he said.

"I hope this forces the game can proceed as before this."

In the action kelmarin, Cristiano Ronaldo a goal when the cork off the attackers were three more network menerusi Darren Gibson, Nani and the subtition, Danny Welbeck. Derby also got goals from Miles Addison.

While Ronaldo and Ryan Giggs bergandingan well as resistance to the attacker that, Ferguson said, he was no intention to continue using both the submission is in the position.

"We can put tdiak he (Ronaldo) because the attacker in the position we have some more offense. Dimitar Berbatov, Carlos Tevez and Wayne Rooney will be back in position after this," said Ferguson. - AFP

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hiddink 'burn' the spirit of Chelsea

Watford - Chelsea want to prove something to the new, when Guus Hiddink came to Watford today.

In addition to pursue victory in the fifth rotation resistance the FA Cup, Chelsea consecutive want to prove that they now have a 'new books'.

Instead, auxiliary Chelsea steward, Ray Wilkins is given the responsibility of driving skuad The Blues on the resistance that later.

However, the object of course effective to Hiddink, 62, who will run two tasks in one period as the superintendent and Chelsea jurulatih skuad Russian nationality.

"He (Hiddink) jurulatih a good and a stunning.

"We have a league championship (Dutch League) twice and feasible to end the half-League Champion Champion," said the Chelsea defense, Alex has ever 'act' when Hiddink with PSV Eindhoven kelab represent.

Alex has returned eleven main scuad Chelsea since a few days ago after Ricardo Carvalho diketepikan result of treachery.

Meanwhile, the Chelsea forward, Salomon Kalou said, the players need to show real ability to usurp the place for Hiddink in eleven major.

"Chelsea Hiddink is considered the right choice and as a player, I am willing to work under and will do their best to bowl-kan and Hiddink himself.

"We know he can do the best and as we strive to facilitate its work," said Kalou. - AP

After the first rejected bid, AC Milan continue to raise their offer.

ROM - After the first rejected bid, AC Milan continue to raise their offer.

This time Milan will make a reported bid of 10.5 million pounds to kelab the United States of America, Los Ange-les (LA) Galaxy to get David Beckham.

Milan have made a preliminary bid by placing a value around 5 million pounds to get regular submission Beckham, LA Galaxy, but reject it.

Beckham, 33, is seen as quick to adjust since accompany Milan months ago bids hope that the process be completed quickly.

He does not own already on berahsia desires to continue to abide in Milan for the game and increase stamina.

"I'm more energetic proportionate several months ago. In just half a month here, I active has increased 100 percent.

"I want eternal in Milan and hope that talks can be completed as soon as possible," said Beckham.

In the meantime, coach LA Galaxy, Bruce Arena said, Beckham should not violate the contract when sign accompany kelab United States.

"We understand that with hasratnya want eternal in Milan, LA Galaxy, but the interests must be given priority.

"There are some things that we have talking, but we can not avertise to outside parties.

"We will detail is the same no matter it will bring good to us or not," said Arena.

Beckham LA Galaxy participate in 2007 with a five-year contract.

Early last month, Beckham is with Milan as the loan for three months. - Agencies

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Adebayor the Best

Lagos, Nigeria - Striker Arsenal, Emmanuel Adebayor of Togo called as the Open Africa 2008 yesterday.

Adebayor, 24, competition finalists include Michael Essien of Ghana who is also the middle of Chelsea players and Egypt, Mohamed Aboutrika, the middle club Al Ahly menerusi sweepstakes coach by 35 African countries.

Adebayor menjaringkan 30 goals in all tournement for Arsenal, Togo to drive rotation of the World Cup and the 2010 State Cup Africa.

He was the first of Togo wins the gift.

"I feel very happy to receive this gift. I am very proud with what I was doing for football in South Africa when the World Cup will be in action here. We will strive for the World Cup and will win the championship," he said at a Majlis gala in Lagos, for the night. - Agencies

Guus Hiddink will take over Chelsea

BELEK, Turkey - Coach Russia, Guus Hiddink will take over the task of the management of Chelsea began sunday until the front of this season.

Decision that will see the Hiddink receive 2.5 million pounds (RM13.1 million) during the four days with kelab from the Stamford Bridge.

According to reports, a Russian national army that will receive the salary basis of 1.5 million pounds (RM7.84 million) bonus in addition to additional 500,000 pounds (RM2.6 million) was suppose to help Chelsea win out kempen Liga Juara-Juara.

He also will get bonuses based on performance during the kelab Prime League in England and FA Cup.

"Not enough to provide troops in the week but this situation is extraordinary. Chelsea have good players and they should be in the best performance for the task easier for me," said Hiddink.

According to Hiddink, he was planning to attend the fifth rotation resistance involves the FA Cup Chelsea and Watford this Saturday.

Jurulatih from the Netherlands adds, he will contact the superintendent of Chelsea, Luiz Felipe Scolari in two-day talking about this for the troops.

Scolari has been in the sack kelab ago Isnin flat ekoran achievement on display in the children's fruit kempen domestic league.

Hiddink consecutive explained, he did not sign any contract with Chelsea and is not designed to do so.

"I do not need a signature is required. This is not a matter of wang," he said of the meeting have any relationship with the Russian tycoon, Roman Abramovich who is also the owner kelab Chelsea.

Asked what he will take part to bring to Stamford Bridge parlormaid, Hiddink said: "Not for the present. I want see the situation first in the army before making any changes, if necessary." - Reuters

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Benitez: Keane will stay at Anfield

LIVERPOOL, England - The Liverpool, Rafa Benitez , Robbie Keane will continue to be in the Anfield after finishing the transfer of players yesterday but claims not to know about the bid submission to the attacker's former Tottenham kelabnya.

Benitez said so arise Following reports that skuad Reds are in talks with Spurs after the Ireland international was not listed in skuad for two consecutive sunday.

Kelmarin Fernando Torres scoring two goals in the final round 2-0 victory for Chelsea to the top.

Asked whether Keane will be in eternal kelab that, in primitive Benitez said: `` I think so.''

He gives the same answer when asked whether listed Keane in the UEFA Champion skuad to-Champion.

Keane absence of increasing speculation that more players attacker was aged 28 years may return to Tottenham - almost six months after leaving White Hart Lane is with the kelab supported since childhood.

"I will not be talking about if, when and if. He was here, he is our player. I do not accept any bid,''said Benitez.

Administrators Spurs, Harry Redknapp, Jermain Defoe who lost for at least a month due to injury, want to get Keane.

"I will not sit here and say I do not want to see him again. I do not want to be slicker,''said Redknapp who immediately began handle Spurs Keane is with Liverpool.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Liverpool the best..

LONDON - The Liverpool, Rafa Benitez was relieved after witnessing skuad triumphant defeat Chelsea 2-0, yesterday.

With the position as the leader back safely, what can dihamburkan Benitez is praise to the players-PLAYERS.

"It is true that they (Chelsea) 10 people to play but our troops are playing a better round of resistance.

"It is important to win, menjaringkan goals and brilliant play. We never are in the best position. Now we're back like a normal first.

"But we need to forward the action like this and to believe themselves," he said.

Two goals by Fernando Torres menerusi help increase hardship Liverpool keeper Chelsea, Luiz Felipe Scolari is now the position of the oppressed.

After Frank Lampard removed at the minit to-60, Liverpool take the opportunity to clear hurdle tear Chelsea menerusi tandukan Torres on the 89-minit to fast and kicking in the treachery.

Scolari itself acknowledges, the absence of Lampard pasukannya than fate could win the opportunity to destroy the existing.

"I want to see again pengadil action Lampard. He was foulness usual. May do so with, Lampard can play in the next resistance.

"But I akui, Liverpool played better than us. So we need to rise up in more difficult circumstances, and after this fight to the end of the season, "he said.

Chelsea to victory over Liverpool kelmarin allow the ladder to shoot the second league and only two eyes only separated from the precursor, Manchester United.

United are still playing one less resistance proportionate Liverpool defeat Everton 1-0, Saturday now gather 53 eyes. - AP

Torres inspirasion of Liverpool

LONDON - striker Liverpool, Fernando Torres asserts that skuad The Reds now have it back to base in a real mission chivy Prime England League championship this season.

Spanish international star confidence that comes after he was found when the touch of a network to help Chelsea defeat Liverpool kelmarin.

In the action at Anfield, the second blow-Torres two goals in the host through the game, once gus put Liverpool in the league ladder with 51 eyes, two eyes in the back of Manchester United.

Two goals is the first network in the Anfield since when do the last time against Manchester City nine months ago.

"Each player is aware that this resistance is important and is certainly very happy with our network 2-0," said Torres.

"We know the league opposition in England than other countries league, so you get forward and he ended.

"It was a long one perlumbaan. We know Manchester United are in the top league, but we will continue struggling so that they compete to penghujungnya.

"This is the first two goals since I recover from the treachery and the result, he brings the confidence and trust to me," he said. - Agencies
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