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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Inter Milan win out almost caimpainge

MILAN - Inter Milan win out almost caimpainge the Serie A for the fourth time in succession after the important victory record to 2-1 on the enemy, AC Milan at San Siro yesterday.

Two-phase network in the first menerusi Adriano and Dejan Stankovic put skuad kendalian Jose Mourinho as the precursor to the space 56 eyes, nine eyes in the face Juventus.

Milan also hold when the hapless in the third ladder, behind the 11 eyes in the back of Inter.

"There are 33 of us who need to achieve. He is still a far way. I can not say which rival jockey championship has ended for Juventus and Milan.

"But I can say, if we do not win, because he is releasing our own. Trofi is in our grasp when this," said Mourinho.

In the action kelmarin, Inter are in the first front thru network Adriano on the controversy to minit-29, a network that forces the opponent indicted as invalid after the ball hit the hand of the Brazilian players.

Then Stankovic put Inter space preceded with the goal through the first round before the glue Pato Milan on a cliff minit ke-71.

"Victory is very important because they (Milan) is a difficult opponent and give it to us so that the pressure of the resistance.

"I also akui that despite our best chance for some score goal and we should win this fight with a 3-0," added Mourinho.

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