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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Liverpool the best..

LONDON - The Liverpool, Rafa Benitez was relieved after witnessing skuad triumphant defeat Chelsea 2-0, yesterday.

With the position as the leader back safely, what can dihamburkan Benitez is praise to the players-PLAYERS.

"It is true that they (Chelsea) 10 people to play but our troops are playing a better round of resistance.

"It is important to win, menjaringkan goals and brilliant play. We never are in the best position. Now we're back like a normal first.

"But we need to forward the action like this and to believe themselves," he said.

Two goals by Fernando Torres menerusi help increase hardship Liverpool keeper Chelsea, Luiz Felipe Scolari is now the position of the oppressed.

After Frank Lampard removed at the minit to-60, Liverpool take the opportunity to clear hurdle tear Chelsea menerusi tandukan Torres on the 89-minit to fast and kicking in the treachery.

Scolari itself acknowledges, the absence of Lampard pasukannya than fate could win the opportunity to destroy the existing.

"I want to see again pengadil action Lampard. He was foulness usual. May do so with, Lampard can play in the next resistance.

"But I akui, Liverpool played better than us. So we need to rise up in more difficult circumstances, and after this fight to the end of the season, "he said.

Chelsea to victory over Liverpool kelmarin allow the ladder to shoot the second league and only two eyes only separated from the precursor, Manchester United.

United are still playing one less resistance proportionate Liverpool defeat Everton 1-0, Saturday now gather 53 eyes. - AP

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