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Saturday, February 14, 2009

After the first rejected bid, AC Milan continue to raise their offer.

ROM - After the first rejected bid, AC Milan continue to raise their offer.

This time Milan will make a reported bid of 10.5 million pounds to kelab the United States of America, Los Ange-les (LA) Galaxy to get David Beckham.

Milan have made a preliminary bid by placing a value around 5 million pounds to get regular submission Beckham, LA Galaxy, but reject it.

Beckham, 33, is seen as quick to adjust since accompany Milan months ago bids hope that the process be completed quickly.

He does not own already on berahsia desires to continue to abide in Milan for the game and increase stamina.

"I'm more energetic proportionate several months ago. In just half a month here, I active has increased 100 percent.

"I want eternal in Milan and hope that talks can be completed as soon as possible," said Beckham.

In the meantime, coach LA Galaxy, Bruce Arena said, Beckham should not violate the contract when sign accompany kelab United States.

"We understand that with hasratnya want eternal in Milan, LA Galaxy, but the interests must be given priority.

"There are some things that we have talking, but we can not avertise to outside parties.

"We will detail is the same no matter it will bring good to us or not," said Arena.

Beckham LA Galaxy participate in 2007 with a five-year contract.

Early last month, Beckham is with Milan as the loan for three months. - Agencies

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