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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rafael Benitez gave warning

LIVERPOOL - The Liverpool, Rafael Benitez gave warning to the fruit so that the child does not spurn Manchester City when these two forces berentap Action League in England in the Prime Anfield tonight.

Benitez victory aware only able to continue pursuing their predecessors, Manchester United.

Even throughout Liverpool this season only died once but skuad The Reds keciciran eye is important when a decision simply to record a tie when meeting Stoke City, Fulham, West Ham, Hull City and Everton at Anfield.

City also have a poor record when in action outside Eastlands to 3-0 with victory over Sunderland at Ogos ago is the only victory in their 12 opponents in action this season.

However, Benitez reluctant to see the City's records as a surplus, while he thought skuad kendalian Mark Hughes will be present to Anfield with their best line.

"You can analyze how the performance of the opponent in the City but it differs in Anfield. All players want opponents show their best action.

"Forget the statistics, but we stack them to the great players they have," said Benitez.

Nevertheless can not be lower that Steven Gerrard is still not fully recover from the hamstring treachery, Benitez stays optimistic kaptennya is back in action when they meet Real Madrid in action less dead Liga Juara-Juara this Wednesday.

"Gerrard is not prepared for this resistance (to meet City). He sure can go back to Madrid to meet but we will specify this position Isnin (tomorrow)," he explained.

Hughes also hopes pasukannya will achieve success on a visit to Anfield this time, once gus rally for the troops bimbingannya.

Hughes participated berasakan mill is able to take the opportunity serangannya to Liverpool situation so that a push to achieve victory in the stadium itself.

"They (Liverpool) was dikecewakan some other troops in Anfield. We will make sure that we achieve victory in this fight," said Hughes. - AFP

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