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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ancelotti expect Anelka touch
LONDON - Carlo Ancelotti expects another miracle occurred in the Champions League, when Nicolas Anelka effort from the Blues want to extinguish the memory grief in the domestic league.

Coach is revered after creating eight consecutive victories in the early season but Chelsea now reverse rotation of the wheel after losing at Wigan and Aston Villa.

1-2 defeat at the west London club, the Saturday and not sudden as it humiliated by Chelsea but Wigan had to release the top Premier League to Manchester United.

This raised questions about the line of defense Ancelotti loose players control up to two times penetrated through the corner kick.

Although, suddenly Chelsea are no longer seen as absolute as conquerors, but the Blues still have the opportunity to return to the runway at the Champions League clash against Atletico Madrid at Stamford Bridge tomorrow.

Win over Porto and APOEL Nicosia Ancelotti before placing teams in top Group D and three points from the match with Atletico, tomorrow may ensure that the team is to the knockout stages.

If Chelsea winning, it may be little surprise if the network is able to produce victory by France striker Anelka.

Former Real Madrid star was scored both goals in the Blues win the Champions League this season and their progress in European competition has helped deal with the absence of Ivory Coast striker, Didier Drogba is suspended match.

Drogba was suspended three games by UEFA because of a quarrel with the referee, Tom Henning Ovrebo after losing in the semi-final full of controversy to Barcelona last season.

Exhibit lack of progress when Anelka and Drogba claim compatibility with the coupling as striker Nwankwo Kanu and Dennis Bergkamp at Arsenal is an important factor in the success navigate the attack line.

"When you play with famous players like Bergkamp and Kanu, you will learn. I learned a lot from people like this while playing with them. I'm trying to take some lessons from them all.

"I am a striker but not the main striker and I still played in the field - almost the same position as Dennis Bergkamp.

"He often played in that position at Arsenal when I was still with the club, not as a player strike, but not No. jerseys. 10 and not a midfielder also.

"You play between the position players berjersi No. 10 and center.

"In that position, you need to know where your friend before you get the ball and try to act smart because in modern football, doing something that is a wise one advantage.

"I'm not sure whether too many players who played in this position but I am happy with this position.

"I have very smart. Not enough, if only to play good or very active. This is because if you do not have intelligence to make the right decision, I do not think you will not succeed at the highest level,''said Anelka.

Meanwhile, Atletico who played in England after losing 0-3 to Osasuna, occupy places tercorot La Liga, as their position in Europe campaign group.

Bos team, Abel Resino increasingly depressed need the best performance from former Manchester United player, Diego Forlan was top scorer of Europe last season.

Forlan said:''All that we pass as we do not expect and I think we've played with a sense of fear.

"However, we now have confidence in this squad and I think the situation will change soon.''- AFP

United remain confident despite wins lame

Wayne Rooney

MOSCOW - Manchester United return to the arena when winning the final Champions League over Chelsea in 2008 with the goal of victory over CSKA Moscow that will lead them step into the knockout stages this season's competition.

Behind the presentation of uncertainty in the Premier League this season, United seen so far in convincing the European level, recorded a victory over Besiktas in Turkey and champions Germany, Wolfsburg at Old Trafford.

Additional three points again in action at the Luzhniki Stadium, where John Terry slipped and failed to complete the determination of a penalty kick to give the club's third European championship team placed Alex Ferguson increasingly hard to control group B.

However, history proves it is not easy to make the United routes.

They have never won in Russia, while CSKA is now managed by former Sevilla coach, Real Madrid, Tottenham and Juande Ramos, won six matches in European championships own site.

CSKA far from the level of real action when a 1-1 draw with league clubs dwarf Nalchik in Russia last week and the loss of Marc Gonzalez, who injured ankle during an international match with Chile last week.

Worsen the situation, striker Guilherme of Brazil will not be played.

United also have injury problems with players Wayne Rooney, still struggling with hip problems.

Ryan Giggs is excellent this season, did not participate to Russia to ensure he got enough rest to clash with Liverpool at Anfield, Sunday.

South Korean midfielder, Park Ji-Sung, head of Scotland Darren Fletcher and team defense left France, Patrice Evra is also not played because of injury.

However, Ferguson still have Nemanja Vidic, one of the star players when the team representing the enemy CSKA, Spartak Moscow, who recovered from injury and may choose to collaborate with the central defense of Serbia and Jonny Evans, who replaced Rio Ferdinand.

Last week, the United manager admitted that the weakness of the performance of Ferdinand when he was led to fear, when he praised the enduring talent of Northern Ireland players that Evan has gained momentum, finally felt that he was entitled to a place in the ranks of United's key.

"And a slow season for me. It was the first actual season for me in this team.

''I am only limited to the defense. I played with caution and ensure that not one of my top goals of any dibolosi. I only focus on the defensive only.

"This year, I have to try and get the ball to show me who the real.

"I can not say that I will try to hold the ball in front of the players, I just need to move the field more and more control of the game,''said Evans.

Behind this performance when, Evans still expect he will spend more time on the bench this season and he did not want to expect too received praise from Ferguson.

"Sometimes managers want to give some encouragement to the players.

"There ketikanya he waived this season and I say he is a good thing when he set aside you.

"It is good, he said a good thing and if he thought so, this shows I was doing the right thing.

''It's good for Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic a great player,''said Evans. - AFP

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ferguson has not been satisfied called champions

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson insisted he would not favor achieving victory even though he is now aged 68 years and the period approaching retirement.

Ferguson will celebrate the re-ta: the hun-23nya with Red Devils, but do not want to give up his position at Old Trafford.

Scottish born manager to win the championship 11 English Premier League (EPL), five FA Cup, Carling Cup three and two European Champions League during that period.

"When you manage the club, too many expectations at all times not only to the club but also to the players. You need to deal with it.

"There are some great players here. Then it became part of the process. Finally, it is very easy to continue the motivation it: u all the time, "he said.

BONUS awaits England squad


PARIS - England football squad player can receive approximately 400.000 pounds (RM2.16 million) if their fierce World Cup next summer, the report media, yesterday.

Under the Italian coach, Fabio Capello, Three Lions qualify with the fastest record and according to tabloid The Sun, they would fetch if they end the durians fall down a trophy drought lasting since 1966.

According to The Sun, Football Association (FA) allocated 5.5 million pounds (RM29.81 million) bonus for winning than the 1966 squad led by the late Bobby Moore but did not reach more than 1,000 pounds (RM5, 419) to be distributed according to the number of matches played by each member of the squad.

Success in South Africa will give the FA, the byproducts of the ad reportedly cost 60 million pounds (RM325.190 million), said The Sun.

FA stressed, bonus structure has not been set but a spokesman said no meetings or discussions on topics that held so far.

Even if the numbers reported are correct, it would represent income was nearly three weeks of major stars such as Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard.

Given the recent robust performance of England since Capello took over from Steve McClaren failed to lead the squad to Euro 2008, their feet making gambling one of the final team selection for next year, in addition to Brazil and European champions, Spain. - AFP

World Cup: Teams that have qualified

PARIS 11 October - Here's a list of countries that have qualified for the tournament to the 2010 World Cup football in South Africa after the match today.


Netherlands, England, Spain, Germany, Serbia, Italy

Asia Zone:

Japan, Australia, South Korea, North Korea


South Africa (host), Ghana, Ivory Coast

South America:

Brazil, Paraguay, Chile

North America:

Mexico, United States

Sunday, October 4, 2009

LONDON - Chelsea prove character as a champion

Yesterday, Carlo Ancelotti's squad operating world-class game show that when simple sink challenges traditional enemy, Liverpool.

In the action at Stamford Bridge Stadium is, The Blues won 2-0.

Former Liverpool striker, Nicolas Anelka and substitute, Florent Malouda to Chelsea success to the character to reach three important points.

After both teams tied on the network without first scene, Anelka appears to provide some sunshine supporters The Blues open the network when the first minute to-60.

Liverpool's Steven Gerrard and coupling through Fernando Torres to Chelsea also provide pressure, but inundated bastion host dikemudi John Terry still difficult digugat.

In the 90th minute, Malouda as a substitute in Chelsea after positioning wise improve delivery latitude Didier Drogba in the penalty box.

With the victory, Chelsea again seized the throne leading the league by collecting 21 points, two points in front of Manchester United.

Earlier, in another action focus, Arsenal managed to exhibit extraordinary rise membelasah Blackburn Rovers 6-2 at the Emirates Stadium. - Agencies
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