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Saturday, October 10, 2009

BONUS awaits England squad


PARIS - England football squad player can receive approximately 400.000 pounds (RM2.16 million) if their fierce World Cup next summer, the report media, yesterday.

Under the Italian coach, Fabio Capello, Three Lions qualify with the fastest record and according to tabloid The Sun, they would fetch if they end the durians fall down a trophy drought lasting since 1966.

According to The Sun, Football Association (FA) allocated 5.5 million pounds (RM29.81 million) bonus for winning than the 1966 squad led by the late Bobby Moore but did not reach more than 1,000 pounds (RM5, 419) to be distributed according to the number of matches played by each member of the squad.

Success in South Africa will give the FA, the byproducts of the ad reportedly cost 60 million pounds (RM325.190 million), said The Sun.

FA stressed, bonus structure has not been set but a spokesman said no meetings or discussions on topics that held so far.

Even if the numbers reported are correct, it would represent income was nearly three weeks of major stars such as Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard.

Given the recent robust performance of England since Capello took over from Steve McClaren failed to lead the squad to Euro 2008, their feet making gambling one of the final team selection for next year, in addition to Brazil and European champions, Spain. - AFP

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