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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Robben the power...

Madrid - Network stunning results larian successful solo Arjen Robben help tame Real Madrid Villarreal 1-0 in Santiago Bernabeu yesterday.

Real victory is to allow glue to the brink of 12 Spanish League predecessor, Barcelona.

In the action yesterday, coach Real, Juande Ramos to give opportunities to the French designer, Lassana Diarra and Dutch attacker, Klass-Jan Huntelaar make their first appearance.

However, Robben was clearly stolen object of resistance throughout the call.

The former Chelsea player was successful melepasi several star players including Spanish opponent, Marcos Senna before release rembatan single network for fast on Real minit to-31.

"We are already beginning to record a good decision and that is the best way to find the time and get the real confidence," said Ramos.

"We are a bit overwrought because most players have long berehat the Christmas celebration. Villarreal also fierce opposition in the second round."

He was the second victory for Ramos in the league and now Real melonjakkan the stairs to their third.

Barca are 11 of the tenant to leave Valencia after the second ladder series 1-1 with Sevilla club subordinate, Osasuna yesterday.

Jesus Navas network almost surely perpetuate Sevilla in the second stairway, but the goal equation Walter Pandiani on minit-minit last Sevilla forced to witness the resistance to reach one's eyes.

"It is shameful because although we do not act well, as victory is in the grip.

"But the victory was finally released from our grasp," said jurulatih Sevilla, Manolo Jimenez.

Sevilla is now tied with 32 eyes Real defeat when third consecutive Villarreal saw them behind the 15 eyes in the back of Barca. - AFP

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