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Saturday, May 23, 2009

'United, you unfit'

LONDON - Heat final Champions League run high when Barcelona sensation's star, Lionel Messi openly insult Manchaster United's ability.

According the Argentina international player, Barcelona appropriately was in stage final because that team is champion team in football fan ' heart world.

Messi stresses that many football fans in the world wanted Barca wins the final act based on their ability display extraordinary and entertaining action.

The Catalan's giants club also boosted double title namely Liga Spanish and Raja-Raja's Cup.

"We should qualified to win meeting final on this May 27 on the basis of what we exhibit throughout this year," said Messi.

"Many other football fan want we memenanginya because our entertaining game style.

"We can achieve success with effort we doing this season. We also has played with miraculous game style."

This season also, Barca attack's trio managed to record 97 goals with Messi contributes 37 goals, Samuel Eto'o (34 goals) and Thierry Henry (26 goals).

"We have defeated Arsenal 2 1 in Paris in final 2006 and we also beat Chelsea this season," said Messi.

"However, I admit that England's club very difficult to be defeated. They know how to throw this campaign nicely." - Agency

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