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Saturday, May 23, 2009


When two football club leading in the world distort in Champions League final match early morning this Thursday in Stadium Rome's Olympics, it also brought together two Cristiano's world-class player Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

In fact apart from Ronaldo-Messi's clash, several players in loaded club with standard player Manchaster United's inside star and Barcelona also will be pitted strength.

Xavi Hernández-Paul Scholes, Wayne Rooney-Samuel Eto'o, Thierry Henry-Dimitar Berbatov. The between names star will decide who greater.

However his sure focus is directed between Barça's star Lionel Messi and No's player.7 United Cristiano Ronaldo.

Both player most valuable in this planet, also is poisonous scorer.

Ronaldo becomes predecessor with as top scorer in Premier League England with 18 goals.

It quite encouraging of player act in wing position. Messi also raise 23 goals this season length in Spanish league.

Like player average Argentina 21 years old the score a inside goal two matches in Spain, namely 54 goals in 108 matches while Portugal international player most berprolifik Ronaldo with 84 goals in 196 in domestic league.

Total goals between both player of course side with Messi, however United attack's coupling joined Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney proven very effective until bring United to final match.

From fan's vote aspect, Ronaldo holds advantage on Messi. Player 24 years old the memegangi Pemain's award Terbaik FIFA and Ballon d'Or in 2008, meletakan Messi in second place.

In past season Champions League rival, Sporting's former players Clube de the Portugal ignore Barca's player wearing a jersey No. 10 in second place when score eight goals including in Chelsea's opposed final match, while Messi six goals.

However, other also his story this season when Messi now in top step in scorer list while Ronaldo only four so far.

Asked whom superlative between Ronaldo and Messi, Barcelona's player Daniel Alves chooses team mate.

''Who (Messi) from different planet because his capacity really stunning, his way make unbalanced match. In final match later, I hope Messi more glowing.''

Of Messi also, he declined assumption that final match this time is final Messi-Ronaldo.

"No... It fixed will become final match between Barcelona rebels Manchester. Not I and Ronaldo.

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