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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

United came over turbulence

RONALDO (left) said something to Ferguson after he
discharges at action in Old Trafford yesterday.

MANCHESTER - Behind success immersed Manchester City 2-0 yesterday, less pleased tone is felt Manchaster United's manager, Alex Ferguson.

All feeling gara gara revolt voice out two scorer in Old Trafford yesterday, Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez.

Ronaldo seen so frustrated because Ferguson produces its in early second half, while Tevez also was said angry after he still remains with player status loan.

"I did not read the statement. He still Manchaster United's player," said Ferguson when asked to comment Tevez's comment which wanted leave United next season.

Asked of Tevez's future, manager veteran the said: "I not yet want think the matter another currently."

Previously, Tevez reported want leave United after two season seconded of West Ham.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo also surprised when he discharges at 60th minute although is performing action excellent and managed to burst 18th goal in league rival this season.

Ronaldo seen so angry when direct reserve bench and tug beep stretch out to him past shake one's head several head when when sit in reserve bench.

"He wants stays on top field. The only his cause. He in best performance but I need see rational its.

"He also excelled on Tuesday past when we beat Arsenal. So I need to think about to maintain he directs active for matches after this," said Ferguson.

In action yesterday, Ronaldo places United before in 18th minute through free kick before Tevez scores second goal in 45th minute.

United now collected 83 points of 35 matches and Liver- pool also 80 points in 36 matches. - AP

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