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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ronaldo best in the international Europe

Capturing this combo (from left) a second when Ronaldo as the player to reach the award for Best FIFPro World, Best Players Club Europe and Gold THIS Europe.

Paris - Star Manchester United, Ronaldo Cristia no-ditabal Best European Player in 2008, it need allow it to reach the Golden Ball award.

Success off Ronaldo's award is sure menghampakan attacker young Barcelona, Lionel Messi who simply are in second place.

When the attacker sensation Liverpool, Fernando Torres in third place on the ballot conducted by the magazine France Football.

"This is one of concealing a day in my life," said Ronaldo who quoted from the magazine France Football.

"My dream was to win trofi since this small again.

"Anyone who ... I recognize that I live with, knowing that this is like a dream to become a reality."

Based on the sweepstakes made in the epoch-ME-journalists, sports journalists, soccer, Ronaldo was superior to reach 446 when the eyes followed Messi (281) and Torres (179).

Number of ballot obtained Ronaldo is only two eyes beyond the lottery received the AC Milan, Kaka when the me-menangi the same award last year.

Then, Ronaldo is simply in second place when reaching the 277 eyes, whereas Messi in third place with 255 eyes.

"I only just over 23 years old and he really stunning (if reach this anuge-rah).

"Hard to be. He is considered more better some big names competing (for grab this award)," said Ronaldo.

He also like to thank the friends sepasukannya said: "I hope to win this award again."

For the record, Ronaldo became the fourth United player who wins this award after the first George Best achieved in 1968.

Ronaldo contributed 42 goals in all competition last season that he was witness to help the United emerged victorious England and the League of Champions-League champions.

Earlier, Ronaldo has been selected as the player to reach the World Best FIFPro award other than the editors THIS Gold Europe and Best Players Club Europe.

With selected as the best European player, Ronaldo also appears that the first players off the campaign in the League of England reach the award after former Liverpool strikers, Michael Owen followed by kannya in 2001.

He is also the third player to appear Portugal-me achieve award after Eusebio in 1965 and Luis Figo (2001). - Reuters

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