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Monday, December 8, 2008

Chelsea evasive mistaken step

London - Chelsea Manager, LUIZ Felipe Scolari believes his team will not be an important step in meeting against CFR Cluj in the last stage action Group A Champions-League champions early tomorrow morning.

Scolari's not necessary to deter Birthday stunted from Romania in the Stamford Bridge for a guaranteed place in the rankings lose die campaign Birthday elite that Europe.

Decisions series is enough for the Blues peril if Bordeaux fails to win the U.S. resistance with Rome in one action the Group A.

However, Scolari believes the child is able to handle the fruit opposition Birthday Cluj, the need of creating once sought victory.

"Is difficult to be if Chelsea tersingkir I do not think many people in this world think about these things but because he can give us this opportunity to other teams," said Scolari.

"I do not think we will tersingkir because I believe the players are.

"But why we play better than what we show (before this) would want to continue the challenge."

Nicolas Anelka brilliant achievement that score one goal when Chelsea to a 2-0 win over Bolton Wanderers in England Prime League action Saturday and a successful accommodate the loss of Didier Drogba who is still experiencing serious injuries.

"He (Anelka) is very effective in the front door of the goal. Berdepan When he was a one opponent, he is a great network, such as when the opposing Bolton, is very great," added Scolari.

"Without Didier, it is what we need from Nic and he successfully done so with a class apart."

Whether the achievement during Anelka and confidence Scolari, Chelsea should not underrate Cluj successful without binding the Blues network and defeat Roma in Italy on the action before this.

Chelsea will go down without a designer Frank Lampard hanging matches after receiving a red card against Bordeaux whereas when Joe Cole also revealed after the return is expected to recover from injury. - AFP

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