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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Leaders Liverpool please be patient

Keane still failed to give effective impact on the Liverpool line of attack so far.

LIVERPOOL - Liverpool Manager, Rafael Benitez expects pro skuad The Reds celebrated children's fruit industries occupy the top of England League campaign.

Benitez express the hope that after skuad kendaliannya recorded a series of decisions without a network with West Ham United in the Harlem night.

Success, the one eye that is adequate for Liverpool to overcome Chelsea as the precursor league.

Even holding back calyx charts league, the Reds said the row is not satisfied with the cold reception given to persons life.

Nine days after the record when the same decision against Fulham in Harlem, skuad kendalian Benitez once again forced to return with a decision that rather disappointing.

However Benitezu reluctant to see a situation that applies to children's fruit is from a negative angle.

"Sometimes people are not disappointed when the win but sometimes you need to be especially happy when we are in the top league position," said Benitez.

"The certainly feel disappointed after our fashion series in the network without its own stadium. I hope they are patient.

"But when they return to the house and see the position in the league, they will see our position in the top league.

"If we successfully to score a goal first, we may menjaringkan more goals."

Decisions series was able to witness the Liverpool net in the record of four successive matches.

However, they failed to score a goal in two matches last ligat.

After losing their attacker Fernando Torres that the hamstring injury, Benitez once again forced to entrust Robbie Keane and Dirk Kuyt in the line of attack.

Unfortunately up to this far, Keane menjaringkan successful only two goals in league competition since he emigrated from Tottenham Hotspur in the summer ago. - AFP

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