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Saturday, December 20, 2008

England ogre in danger situation

London - Lottery ranked losers die Champions-League champions the night clearly does not support the four giant Birthday England.

In the sweepstakes, the Manchester United manager, Alex Ferguson will again berdepan former enemy who is also the duration of Inter Milan, José Mourinho.

Arsenal meet diundi Birthday Italian, U.S. Rome when Chelsea will make a calculation by former managers, Claudio Ranieri who is now guiding Juventus.

Rafael Benitez will also return to Spain when Liverpool are scheduled berdepan Spanish League champion, Real Madrid.

Spanish Club, Barcelona will meet Lyon while Villarreal against Panathinaikos FC, Sporting Lisbon meet Bayern Munich and Atlético Madrid berentap with FC Porto.

If you see resistance batches lottery losers is dead, clearly pertembungan between Ferguson and Mourinho for the second time in Europe this campaign to steal the focus.

This is because, Mourinho has a brilliant record to the top of Ferguson when he was guiding Chelsea.

He also became the main character when the United rid of the same campaign in the 2004 season, once used kelabnya need witnesses, FC Porto had trofi Europe the first time.

"Porto emerged victorious years, but we will try and reward menebusnya victory as expected Birthday and our mind," said the directors of communication United, Phil Townsend.

"We only met Inter just once before kejohanan in 1999 and we successfully won the European title when it. It is expected that one indication that he was good."

Another meeting to witness Liverpool against Real the first time since their last meeting in the 1981 European Cup final which the Reds won 1-0 in Paris.

"No more meetings are more interesting than this. He is meeting the local government to look forward," said Liverpool secretary, Bryce Morrison.

Chelsea also will be willing to welcome the presence of their former managers, Ranieri who was in 2004.

"Clearly Ranieri brought back to Stamford Bridge will worsen the situation again and I hope he will be greeted by our mind," said the Chelsea secretary David Barnard.

"But if we are able to repeat our good performance in the league of England to campaign in this, we need not worry."

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