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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ferguson's Rooney nocuous

LONDON - Wayne Rooney (picture) is able to continue to tear hurdle opponent.

That view of the management of Manchester United, Alex Ferguson when the review of the touching star is destructive.

Ferguson said, incredible action on display when Rooney United to 1-0 win over Liga de Quito on the final World Cup Club ago was an attacker makes a more perfect.

"Triumph would bring good to you, especially in the highest ranking like this.

"When you win the best gift resistance and resistance scoring single goal, is no longer a he want.

"action in the second round when I mengarahkannya play in the left wing, very great.

"It was a lesson for him to play in the position where he was giving impact," said Ferguson.

Ferguson also stressed, he will beate Rooney in the wings as the formasion for the opponent.

"He is a great choice," he added. - Agencies

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