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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Five years in jail awaiting Gerrard

Gerrard berdepan prison sentence of five years if the mistake for charge in bring injury.

London - England football star, Steven Gerrard candidate berdepan prison until five years after allegedly bringing in the injured one who witnessed a fight with Disc Jockey (DJ) injury clearly beaten the morning.

Gerrard, 28, detained along with five more men after figthing in the a bar in Southport.

DJ sideline, Marcus McGee, 34, received four stitches in his head.

Blood and broken glass scattered can still be seen in the floor of a nightclub after the pergaduhan who witnessed the police arrested the Liverpool.

Gerrard said with our friend celebrating the victory of the Reds kill Newcastle 5-1 last Sunday and he disoal strategy for nine hours over alleged injury and strike news.

Understood there is a valid fracas involving players with Marcus replace the real DJ.

When Marcus played the song, Gerrard also said to ask the other songs played. However, she refused to follow Gerrard death because he violated the police Birthday.

"Marcus reject Gerrard in the chest and accidentally nudge Gerrard Marcus mouth," said one visitor.

"Gerrard then attempted going down and outstanding, but our friend continue to attack Marcus, and one of them hitting the head with a bottle Marcus. Everything happens in less than 10 seconds.

"Gerrard then be forced out of the fight and everything became dark-exchange fog.

"People all beset Marcus shirts because the light has been stained with blood." - Agencies

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