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Friday, July 3, 2009

United saves Owen

LONDON - Michael Owen almost assured join Manchaster United.

By his policy, he had expressed persetu  Juan to be moving to Old Trafford.

Last Tuesday, United manager, Alex Ferguson reported have contacted Owen and bargain kannya salary as much as £50,000 (RM288,312) one week.

Owen also is promised additional bonus, depend upon appearance and network dilakukannya. 

However, Owen first have to get over tight medical test before United agreed to offer contract to him.

"It inconceivable because once Owen already think to move to Hull City but now United also offer contract.

"This have raised his spirit and Owen now so hoped acquiesce with United gets in achieve," said close source with Owen.

The shock is made Ferguson after United fails to entice Lyon striker, Karim Benzema apart from have lost two his player last season, Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez. 
Owen sidelined England national squad's coach, Fabio Capello embarks on ball profession sepaknya with United arch enemy namely Liverpool.

He begins to be player without team two days ago after his contract with Newcastle United ends.

However, Owen sure do not suspect Ferguson would bid to him because previously only Stoke and Hull interested in getting his service, while Everton stills consider said matter.

Meanwhile, United had purchased Charlton midfielder 16 years old, Sean McGinty with price £500,000 (RM2.88 million). - Agency

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