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Monday, June 15, 2009

BRAZIL panic a moment before win 4-3 on Egypt

BRAZIL panic a moment before win 4 3 on Egypt in football championship
Konfederasi's Cup in Bloemfontein, South Africa yesterday.

That match is expected easy for giant the world football but on the
other hand which occurred when Egypt participate strong to giving

Almost match started, Brazil only take five minutes to establish
network through Kaka, however the joy of they only a while when Egypt
making shock equalized then three minutes through Mohamed's network

That goal like kill off Brazil move have to take careful step of
continued to be punished by their dwarf opponent the.

Crowd further doubled and his result is Brazil successfully added two
more network, masing masing through Luis Fabiano's headbutt in 11th
minute and Juan (37th minute) to enable they lead 2 1 in first half.

Like that, atmosphere kind of change in second act.

Egypt stepped forward with speedier action while Brazil also seen
continue to be careful.

Egypt effort that does not fed up push the Dunga's guidance squad
fruitful in 53rd minute through Mohamed Shawk to make position 2 3.

One minute after that, Brazil captured again. Egypt equalized 3 3
through wise Zidan grab opportunity to deceive opposition's

Missed double, and successful double equalized clear increase
continuous Egypt spirit attend pressure to the opponent of they.

Brazil increasingly nervous and their effort to seek out winning goal
continued to be elevated.

As said saying, 'chicken ' fortune shows at foot, who man ' fortune
know' and that is which occurred to Brazil before confirmed absolute
victory in that match.

Penalty kick they got in 88th minute presented they three full points.

Kaka completes nicely that kick to enable Brazil finish competition
with victory 4 3 Egypt believe as fate victory.

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