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Monday, June 15, 2009

Price Ribery now £90 million

LONDON - Bayern Munich tells Alex Ferguson that he needs to splurge in case want bring Franck Ribery to Old Trafford.

The German giants club place price £90 million (RM520 million) on Ribery, namely future player fill Cristiano Ronaldo's place in Manchaster United.

"We only will discuss about certain things only and the even if they willing to offer 'gila'," said Bayern's general manager, Uli Hoeness. 

If offer was agreed, Ribery future recording history as world most expensive players, overcome transfer record have agreed United and Real on Ronaldo valued £80 million (RM462 million).

United's manager, Ferguson previously reported very interested in the French star and he was said future bidding on Ribery after get offer £80 million (RM462 million) for Ronaldo.

However, the United's effort seen a bit hard when Real also produce interest on Ribery which represented Alain Migliaccio, namely agent container Real's legend, Zinedine Zidane. 

The French legendary star now become adviser to Real's President, Florentino Perez and are said to be in Munich this week.

"Ribery are among well off star player in president list and he were players would be hunted after Kaka and Cristiano," clear Maglu- accio. - Agency

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