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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Permanent Real rhythm

MADRID - Two network to first act go through Raul Gonzalez and Ruud van Nistelrooy succeed help Liga Sepanyol's predecessor, Real Madrid pencils victory 2-0 to on neighbour local, Atletico Madrid yesterday.

The Spanish giants club currently collecting 50 eye from 20 match and back lead with seven points to on his challenger, Barcelona who beat Racing Santander 1-0.

“It not great decision, but we should have done what should. We have to endured throughout game and finally we achieving wins,” admit coach Real, Bernd Schuster.

“What makes me happy is we accomplish every opportunity we, unlike when we defeated 0-1 to Real Mallorca (Spanish King Cup) Wednesday go.

“We successful score two goals to first act. It is not it fate. In the second chapter, design no chance score goal and we also almost get third goal.”

Praise also should be accorded to the goalie Real, successful Iker Casillas control his hurdle from escaped deep six successive league match.

Meanwhile, network Thierry Henry to 31st minute succeed save Barca's dignity from tie Racing yesterday.

Network that originate errors than Racing's defence player, Cesar Navas failed to issue revenue ball Deco's corner kick before Henry bursts his sixth goal this season, simultaneously give three valuable points make Barca.

Argentina's winger, Lionel Messi reduce first time makes since recover from injury.

Yet, the nimble player entry in the second chapter still failed adding network make Barcelona. – AFP

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