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Sunday, November 15, 2009

France, Portugal struggled looking for tickets

PARIS - France to the 2010 World Cup qualifying, while the team laden with star players, Portugal struggled to win 1-0 over Bosnia-Herzegovina in the playoffs the first match on Wednesday.

Nicolas Anelka gives France 1-0 victory over Ireland in Dublin when the 1998 world champion and 2006 world runner-up has the advantage ahead of the tournament playoffs both in Paris, Wednesday.

Chelsea striker, Anelka scored the crucial away goal on 18 minutes last match at Croke Park when kicking a player is infected Sean St. Wong and the ball bounced past Irish goalkeeper, Shay Given.

Irish-mempersia miserably best chance in the first scene when the experiment through Liam Lawrence missed kick close range.

"This is an advantage to us by the second match in Paris but our team has seen how Ireland is very difficult to overcome.

"There is one more game before we open the door to the final qualifying. What we do here is very good but time is 90 minutes a match we must overcome,''said the head of the French team, Thierry Henry.

Head of team Ireland, Robbie Keane refused to believe that the chances his team reached the end.

"Managers say we must believe that we will get there (Paris) and won. No need to question that we could do. We had a great team like Italy before and managed to get a good decision,''Keane said.

In Lisbon, Portugal advanced to the semi-final 2006 edition of the tournament struggled and played without the injured Cristiano Ronaldo.

It was almost a night of disaster Portugal, but the bar when a rescue attempt failed to penetrate the gate of their opponents, including two dangerous experiment in the final scene.

Defense Porto, Bruno Alves scored through a header in a single match to-31 minutes.

Header hit the bar before Senijad Ibricic experiment in dramatic scenes which saw the end of headers Bosnian striker, Edin Dzeko hit the bar while Zlatan Muslimovic volleyball also lost.

"We must work hard. Bosnia is not an easy team, they are arranged. We won and it is the most important thing.

"In the second match later, we term it is more difficult. However, we have the advantage and we will attack,''said Alves.

In the meantime, the team is not given high hopes Slovenia and Ukraine are in a position to approach the final.

Despite losing 2-1 to Russia in Moscow, a network Nejc Pecnik on two last-minute match, giving Slovenia hopes that they can also qualify for the second time the World Cup playoffs by the second match on Wednesday.

Ukraine, which advanced to the quarter-finals of the tournament in 2006, also grew confident to qualify was the second consecutive World Cup after binding to the 2004 European champions Greece 0-0 in Athens.

In Moscow, Everton midfielder Diniyar Bilyaletdinov scored two goals for the team Guus Hiddink, Russia Pecnik network before the end of the tournament scene.

"It's frustrating when you allow your opponent scored on the end of the tournament scene, but we should blame themselves,''said Hiddink.

Slovenia coach, Matjaz Kek said he was disappointed with the decision of the tournament but his team still have the opportunity to add light to qualify.

Greece and Ukraine clash over a network without the Olympic Stadium which was witnessed by 50.000 spectators to attack Greece, Giorgos Samaras and players Ukraine, Taras Mikhalik mempersia-miserably best chance in the second scene. - AFP

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