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Monday, May 24, 2010

World Cup history - What was the best World Cup?

History of the World Cup is always on time, be determined that the game of football first loved, but the clips from the World Cup goals video and a great way to see the history of World Cup football legends and applaud

There is a heated debate among football fans, who have their own memories of the World Cup, and often ask each other: "What was the best World Cup ever?". There is no right answer because it probably depends on your age and the team of the Foundation?

Take a look at some candidates in recent years.

1982 World Cup in Spain

I have fantastic memories of Spain's World Cup in 1982 were only 8 years old at the time and get the start of the football bug! Brazil had an excellent team with players such as Zico and Eder. Argentina had had the talent of a young Diego Maradona, and England players such as Kevin Keegan and Bryan Robson.

Like every World Cup Brazilian samba rhythm the tip of an expert for the trophy so it was a real surprise, that I may be great, Dave Narey promoted for my house as a nation was to strike Scotland went 1-0 in group play! However, Brazil has increased the pace and beat the Scots 1.4!

The country has reached the next round, but was surprised when the star of the tournament, Italy's Paolo Rossi hammered a glorious hat-trick to give Italy a 3-2 win against the Brazilians and send them home.

And who can forget famous goal by Gerry Armstrong met for the small fish such as Northern Ireland v Spain 1-0 host!

Italy went to the World Cup with the experienced goalkeeper Dino Zoff the oldest captain lifts the World Cup to raise.

Fantasy Football controversial hit, and the Italians won the World Cup again!

World Cup 1990 in Italy

Italians love football, but unfortunately his team was unable to deliver on the host has started well, but by the specialists of Argentina World Cup Ret.

The host country had superstars like Baggio, Baresi and Donadoni but it is unlikely that the striker Toto Schilachi as the star of the tournament out.

I had the pleasure, on holiday in Portugal at that time in Italy in 1990 and despite the stay in a small fishing village called Carvaiero, fever was to the best in the world around us. England had high hopes for success with the likes of Gary Lineker, Paul Gascoigne and Chris Waddle.

The beauty of the whole World Cup, there always was an emerging giant such as murderers and Italy in 1990 by the talent of Cameroon, who had loved their experienced striker Roger Milla, RAM blessed to the finish. Costa Rica was also soldiers of the shock to beat Scotland, although this result was not a Scot so amazing! Ireland has also come under Jack Charlton, as against Romania on penalties, but left the host nation Italy in the next round.

English hearts were beaten in the semi-final and went on penalties to West Germany to win the later to the World Cup against Argentina in a case like Brehme scored the winning point.

France 1998 World Cup

The host country will be legends, since they beat Brazil 3-0 one side of a final will remain after the mysterious incident with Ronaldo and his inclusion in the Brazilian national team for the last reminder.

I was lucky, the 1998 World Cup, to participate but unfortunately chose the wrong game that Scotland lost 3-0 to Morocco! The atmosphere of the World Cup was unique, was an incredible experience, it is not possible in football clubs.

France has great players in his team, including Vierrra and Zidane, but they played during the World Cup without a striker. In fact, Zidane, the midfielder, who scored two goals in the final.

England will fail again, progress will lose in a shootout with Argentina, who took advantage of a young David Beckham sent.

Every World Cup host country by the end of the trophy is something special and many people have memories like France in 1998.

South Korea / Japan 2002

I'm not a big fan of websites in the department, but this World Cup was good, primarily because of the dream trip with the South Korean team that reached the semifinals. The Koreans were well organized and super well and has claimed the scalp of the Italian team on its way to the semi-finals. The nation of origin had been behind their team and every game filled with an ocean of white and read Korean fans roaring on their team.

After 1998, France had disappointment Ronaldo to prove something and delivery of goods as top scorer and Brazil's defeat against Germany in the final helped ready. Germany had struggled in qualifying for the World Cup, including a 5-1 at home in England Defat, but had a lot and it went all the way to the final. Goalkeeper Oliver Kahn, German, the goalkeeper was the hero in most games, but it was his fault, that Brazil had the lead in the World Cup.

Ireland had a great support for them and play outside of Spain is the only park to go to penalty kicks, England played the possibilities that the ten men from Brazil used a mistake David Seaman and sent packing.

to be continue....

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