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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Felicitous Germany Casillas's warning

VIENNA, Austrian - Real Madrid's goalkeeper, Iker Casillas warns to German that Spanish own advantage after his team beat Russia 3-0 pasa action in the semifinals Kejuaraan Eropah (Euro) 2008 yesterday.

"I still do not believe him but if you think that we should fall beat German this Monday, then the time has arrived to you believe it," said Spanish captain that yesterday.Casillas currently will lead Spain to hunt second championship Europe's in the campaign after last time Spain win him in the campaign Euro 1964.

In fact, them also in mission avoid defeat repercussion in the final match Euro 1984 where defeated Spain 0-2 to France who then lead his legend, Michel Platini.

"24 year after our first time forward to the final match, it a big achievement us as and I really feel proud we win the match semifinals with full fashionable," he said.

"It really important. We have the inside track an extraordinary in this squad and when we increasingly close to create success, difficult for other team to prevent him."

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