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Friday, June 6, 2008

Portugal Target a Full Point at First match

RONALDO (left) keen practice with his team player, Joao Moutinho yesterday.

SWITZERLAND - Portugal believes only the success in the first match will determine the fate design by Euro 2008.

With lead star Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal's national squad determined repeat and improve achievement to edition 2004.

Then, Portugal who also Euro's host 2004 emerge first runner up after defeated to Greek in the final match.

Yet to repeat though improve stated achievement, Portugal should beforehand defeat Turkey in the opening match Group A in Geneva early tomorrow morning.

"Indeed significant to win in the first match," said mastermind Portugal, Armando Petit.

"This victory not only to acquire maximum points but also to provide motivation to the whole team.

"It would also determine team performance overall during the campaign this time."

For record, Portugal successfully vanquished Turkey as many as twice to Euro game.

Their first time defeat Turkey at the group level to edition 1996 followed in round four year quarter-final then.

After Turkey, Portugal will resist Republik Czech and Switzerland in action Group A.

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