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Monday, April 20, 2009

penalty kick training make victory for EVERTON

LONDON - Everton's manager, David Moyes reveals that his nephew had undergone penalty kick training before opposed FA Cup semifinal match Manchaster United yesterday.

Resulted as the training, Everton successfully beat United 4-2 through penalty kick after tied both teams draw without network.

The success also witnessing Everton treads to first final match within 14 years.

"Yeah, we is certainly undergo training to take penalty kick," obvious Moyes.

"However, we only training once only. We also difficult look for five player kick nicely because no many which could perform its.

"What sure, our goalkeeper, Tim Howard has acted nicely when save several opposing players kick."

Now, Moyes's nephew will face Chelsea in final act in Wembley 30 the forward and manager May believe her club achievement in FA Cup campaign this season can become catalyst to their success in future.

"We is striving create success in Everton and if we continue carrying out its, we sure it (success) increasingly close.

"We befallen unfortunate variety matter. We lucky because able rest our pillar player and show our capacity. Player prove spirit fight and their real character.

"We already well off three-time in six cluster league best team within four hours year. Is hoped, shall be available more success can bring we act in Europe stage again."

- Agency 

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