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Monday, April 20, 2009

Win or Lose...

LIVERPOOL - Only victory which became Liverpool's hunt when face Arsenal in important action England's Premier League early tomorrow morning.

If win, the Rafael Benitez's nephew chance intercepting league forerunner, Manchaster United with two point advantage.

However, it may just a moment because United will wait Portsmouth's visit early Thursday morning to seek out three full points to continue mastery in league throne.

However, if Liverpool defeated to Arsenal in action in the Anfield, United chances bright space four points with still owns advantage a one-match.

Benitez says, although could not reduce Steven Gerrard which still injured, he still confident his team already found rhythm.

He also confident two his defence, Daniel Agger and Emiliano Insua able to give meaningful contribution make the The Reds's team.

"Insua's performance is increasing and perebu- position tan left back increasingly violent between Fabio Aurelio and Andrea Dos- senna also.

"Agger also those act in centre-back can control ball nicely and are able score goals.

Arsenal also those new defeated 1-2 to Chelsea in FA Cup's semi-final in Stadium Wembley last Saturday future fall without Robin van Persie experience injury at the lowest part of the thigh.

However, England's sensation, Theo Walcott confident they afford defeat Liverpool in Anfield after failed in Wembley.

"Everyone have fallen and we will try to forget about all that because we have to contend with important meeting with this Liverpool," said Walcott. - AFP 

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